Four Golden Rules for Android Mobile Application Development

In this app freak world, the field of Android mobile application development is booming!


According to Statista, the number of android applications is 1.6 million, the highest as compared to the other applications like Apple, Windows or Blackberry. So, it has been clearly noticed that the number of android users is soaring high and it will continue to rise. Whether they are games, education and business apps, lifestyle apps or entertainment apps, all of them have been focused on the Android platform.

With the increase in the number of successful businesses because of the Android apps, people have started getting the Android application developed for their business and that is how the demand for Android mobile app development increased substantially.


Hundreds of Android apps are developed each day and get submitted to the Google Play. However, few of them get recognized and downloaded by a huge number of people. In order to get more downloads for your business app; you must get it developed from the best professionals. Hire a company that offers the best Android apps development services and make sure that the developers adopt the best practices to develop Android apps, so as to result in developing a successful application.

Let us bring in the limelight some of the golden rules for Android mobile application development…

1. Consider users’ interests, gather ideas from them and understand their requirements.

Great apps that get maximum downloads and that are used by millions of users are not created in a vacuum. A lot of efforts clubbed with the user involvement make an app great. It is essential to gather the needs and the exact requirements of users. You must know what they exactly want; and then put it all into the app. Only then you will end up developing a perfect Android app.

2. Put in the features keeping the targeted audience in your mind.

All the apps are not for all the age groups. Some apps are for kids; while some are for millennials like ecommerce development app. However, only those apps tend to be successful that have got interesting features for the targeted audience.

3. Keep the design simple and professional.

If you want to impress the users on the first visit, it is always a good idea to keep it simple, yet attractive. Make sure the graphics interface is intuitive and it is easy to navigate in order to provide a frictionless user experience.

4. Let people know about the existence of your app.

It is strictly not allowed to rely on word of mouth or endorsements. You must come up with a strong marketing plan that is focused upon user acquisition. It is also a good idea to reward your users for sharing the app. The best idea is to execute your marketing plan even before you submit your application to Google Play.

If the developers of the Android mobile application development company that you hire for Android app development services follow the above-mentioned rules, they are sure to develop a brilliant Android app that will bring a lot more business to you. May you achieve the desired heights in no time!