Your Guide to Getting the Most from Technology Investments

Your Guide to Getting the Most from Technology Investments

With the current impact of COVID-19 on the world’s economy, several organizations are identifying and eliminating unnecessary tools to cut down on costs. Like every other sector, the tech investment industry has also fallen prey to the pandemic’s effects. While that is true, investing in technology without proper planning may also be another unnoticeable cause for the loss.

According to a study by Accenture, 47% of companies rely on technology and mobility for future development and growth. This indicates that inefficient technology is posing to be a threat to companies’ growth. With a huge number of companies being majorly dependent on technology for their growth, innovations based entirely on IT can be a savior in this hour of need. 

Often, the best method for investing in technology may fail to gain the desired results. Although there is no wrong or suitable method for digitization, it is now imperative to enhance the measures ROI of your resources, choose the correct solution, and adjust the costing.

Here are some tips that you can accommodate while investing in new technology to get the optimal returns.

Select the right technology

When it comes to technology, the saying ‘all that glitters is not gold’ stands true. In most cases, it has been noticed that technology investment has failed because people got distracted and drawn towards new things. Only because there is some new technology in the market does not mean it is suited for your business needs.

Successfully digitizing your business starts with addressing a particular tech problem that is affecting your business. Then you can take a look at the heap of solutions available and pick the one that best resolves your business issues. 

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Draw metrics to measure success

Often you will come across a technology investment that has failed before time as the expected results from the investment were not considered appropriately. Right from the beginning, you have to prioritize your goals – whether it is the progress that your company can make through tech investments or painful areas that need to be solved.

It is also essential to have a realistic timeline. Else, your measurements will be based on wrong assumptions. One of the best ways to measure success is the traditional scientific method, where you have to set a baseline for the fundamental metrics and then tally them with the upcoming results.

Identify hostile areas in your business

None other than you can talk about the difficulties that your business goes through regularly. It is crucial to conduct a self-audit before considering the capital expenditure for the implementation of technology. There are loopholes in every business, which means there is scope for improvement as well.

For improvement, you need to have an unbiased attitude towards your company while identifying shortcomings. This way, you can understand where the main problem is and then address it as soon as possible. Once you have solved the issue, you can use the type of technology best suited for your business to improve efficiency.

Talk to the team members

When you add a new technological process into your business’s working system, initially, it gets challenging for the workers to understand and comprehend it. The lifespan of technology investments is entirely dependent on the workers and their support. So, companies need to show the workers how the specific technology can make their jobs easy.

Since workers are interested in the outcome, it is your responsibility to explain the need for the new technology in the system and how the entire organization will benefit from it. 

Pick flexible technology

Do you want to get stuck with a piece of machinery that has a chance of running out from the market soon? This is probably the last thing that you want. 

If you notice a research failure, make sure the tools and equipment are flexible enough to be lifted from your company to try something new. Choose ideal tech solutions that are both modular and scalable.

Stay updated about technology

When you use Microsoft enterprise services to make a substantial-tech investment, stay up-to-date with the product changes. This is especially true if your motive is to improve your organization’s functionality. After you accommodate new technology in your firm, you have to upgrade yourself and gain experience continuously.

With the new features, your organization’s product or service can be made more valuable. To enable improved features, look for providers ready to offer you some educational content or webinars. Try to acquaint yourself with the technology to drive value out of it.

Make people aware of your success

Once you get your desired results, share the good news with everyone. Sharing the news of your organization’s success means involving and engaging the team as well. Informing all will make them feel engaged and an essential part of the organization.

Ways to Optimize Costs

You have to optimize the cost of your business which needs considering these aspects:

⎯      Digitizing and automating business operations

⎯      Gathering pricing and related terms for business purchases

⎯      Standardizing and simplifying applications, processes, platforms, and services

Although this means that technology investment can yield the most value, this also ensures reducing costs and efficient measures of the value that technology investments generate. Buying costly technology does not mean it will provide good value to your organization.


To get maximum value from your tech investment, you must have clear objectives to design the plan and make the most out of it. Some of the technologies worth investing in the current scenario are blockchain, cloud, artificial intelligence, internet-of-things, streaming media, and the like. To get the best out of your technology investment, you can get in touch with the ASP net development company.