How Microsoft Office 365 Can Give A Leg Up To The Enterprises?

Not so long back, in 2010, Microsoft announced the private beta release of the Office 365 and in 2011, it becomes available for all the industry verticals.

The Office 365 was designed to turn the Microsoft’s existing suite of online services into Cloud service, alongside leveraged Lync to implement communication, VoIP, and conferencing, SharePoint for the internal social networking, and Exchange Server for e-mail.

Later, the platform was updated in 2013, where server components were upgraded, and services are enhanced with the inclusion of new plans like- Small Business Premium, Midsize Premium, and Pro Plus. Later, home premium plan, university plan, and personal plans were also unveiled.

How Microsoft Office 365 Can Give A Leg Up To The Enterprises

Afterward, with newer versions, the more cloud-powered intelligence was added to supercharge the business operations and workflow.

Take a glance at what are the benefits the promising Office 365 platform bringing to the enterprises that let them stay up and running:

1) Keep the work organized:

In the enterprises, several meetings are arranged, emails are sent and a lot of contacts are managed that are part and parcel of the daily work. Managing them at different places is quite a task as all of them are needed during the work. Here, Office 365 works best by synchronizing the email, calendar, and contacts at one place. It helps businesses to work efficiently and quickly.

2) Bring all the Microsoft tools in sync:

This is a cool feature that allows you to use Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Outlook, OneNote, Microsoft PowerPoint and Publisher from a single platform. Also, if the document is shared with others, you can view who has made the changes to the document and can broadcast any document at the flick of a switch.

3) Allow to work from any corner of the world:

It’s true that the Office 365 provides web-enabled access to the emails, documents, and contacts, but it can also be used on any device such as Desktop, Mac, mobile and tablet.

The access from any device provides the freedom to work from anywhere, anytime. Additionally, it enables you to work even in the absence of internet and not having access to the Microsoft Office, as Office 365 allows you to view and edit the documents from the browsers.

4) Improve collaboration and communication:

The platform encourages the communication and empowers the collaboration among the employees no matter where they are. Office 365 is a unique repository of all the files where all the versions of the files are maintained that can be easily shared with anyone, inside or outside the organization.

The discussion about any project can be held by sending the messages or inviting the employees to participate in the online meeting where all can review the document simultaneously and provide the feedback.

5) No mess for licensing:

In the company, all employees are using the same version of Microsoft Office, is not possible. It’s difficult to upgrade the version of everyone and bring them on the same page. And, sorting out the software license is another problem.

Office 365 ends up the problem as it includes all licensing that can be deployed across the complete organization and it enables everyone to use the same version by upgrading the version of those that are using the old version.

6) Short or zero learning curve:

Office 365 is simple and quite easy to use that anyone can learn in a matter of the minutes. Even, its set up and administration work can be done by the people who are not an IT geek. Just by reading and following the instructions, the account can be set up, employees can be added and the platform is ready to use. Wow!

Moreover, the trial account would be of great value that helps businesses to view how the business would work in the cloud and the benefits that they will get.

7) Adding a layer of security:

Microsoft is well renowned for the security that it provides to the enterprises for using the systems provided by the Microsoft. All the emails, messages or documents that are shared with Office 365 are scanned and monitored round the clock by the Microsoft data centers to safeguard the data and check if there is any malicious software.

8) Uptime guarantee:

The Office 365 is engineered to benefit the organizations with the reliability, availability and the performance that it offers. It keeps the enterprise-level crucial information safe and can be recovered from the failovers or disasters with multiple datacenters in a single click. That’s the reason the Office 365, which is backed by SLA, guarantees to provide 99.99% uptime.

What’s next?

Outgrowth and the road to success.

Office 365 is the state-of-the-art solution that unfolds tremendous opportunities before the enterprises to improve the employees’ productivity, enhance collaboration and increased access to the data.

The same thing enterprises anticipate before embracing any services. It implies Office 365 is a complete package for the enterprises that gives them a professional touch as well.

According to research, “93.2% of the enterprises are using legacy on-premise Microsoft services and 6.8% have migrated to the cloud using Office 365.”

The number is quite low, but businesses are migrating to the cloud to save the huge bucks they spend on IT infrastructure and other tools, and getting advantageous features.

Now it’s your turn to sail the boat with Microsoft Office 365 for your business and gain remarkable experiences and amazing results.