How ReactJS can fuel your business for success?

ReactJSIn the constantly evolving world of new features, libraries, tools, etc. popping around to give users a wide range of options to choose from and enhance their projects and business as well. If we talk about JavaScript then in the last decade it has encountered a huge transformation and it has gained popularity too.

In this article, you will get acknowledged about how you can use ReactJS to benefit your business in a number of ways. But first, we need to start by taking a look at what ReactJS is actually, and here is a brief account on introduction to ReactJS.

So get some coffee and let’s get started!

ReactJS is an open-source JavaScript library that is highly used to develop user interfaces or view layer of web and mobile apps in the MVC. ReactJS is preferred as compared to others due to its capability to improving speed, simplifying the process of UI development by using a single component, and high scalability.

In recent times, ReactJS is catching popularity and is used by a number of industry verticals and top websites including, Microsoft, IMDB, and many more to enlist. Some of the major industry verticals using ReactJS are,

Top Industry


Features of ReactJS:

ReactJS is power-packed with a number of features capable to transform your application’s user interface. The major ones are enlisted here,

  • React Native: ReactJS has the native libraries to aid the development of the react architecture for native applications.
  • Virtual DOM: A programmer can code and assume that the page is rendered after each and every change, but ReactJS has an in-memory cache which will only render the components that change.
  • JSX: ReactJS uses an alternative to the old JavaScript, it is JSX. JSX uses HTML tags for rendering the components by converting the HTML syntax into JavaScript calls.

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Why should you go for ReactJS?

Now that you have a basic idea about ReactJS and its features, let’s move forward to learn about the reasons to go for ReactJS for your next project.

  • Easy to Learn
    You can easily learn ReactJs and use it for developing the User Interface of your web or mobile application. You can get all the documentation and tutorials to learn ReactJS.
  • Native Approach
    It has a native approach which is highly beneficial to develop mobile applications, and even reusability is an added advantage of this framework.
  • Simplifies Coding Process
    The entire coding process is simplified by the addition of JSX. This can ease the process of rendering the sub-components and offers a set of shortcuts for defining your code to be a lot cleaner.
  • SEO Friendly
    ReactJS offers seamless SEO integration making it everyone’s favorite as it brings in traffic in your web or mobile app and thus bringing a notable boost in your business.
  • Easy Migration
    ReactJS is a boon for the engineers when it comes to migration. As ReactJS is wrapped in a single module, it can be effectively fused or added into an existing framework or infrastructure without hindering the existing workflow.
  • Prominent Boost in Performance
    One of the best features, Virtual DOM increases the speed of the web or mobile applications in quite a notable manner. The need of rendering entire page every single time a change is made is eliminated in ReactJS as it only renders the components that change.
  • Data Binding
    The flow of data to the components in ReactJS is one way and from a single point which is known as a Dispatcher. Thus making the debugging process easier.
  • Easy Testing
    As the React views act as functions of a state which can be easily manipulated and makes it quite easy to test the ReactJs applications.
  • Used by All
    From the smallest of the start-ups to the huge Fortune 500 companies, developers everyone uses ReactJs, node.js platform and that too successfully bagging profits from it.

Giants using ReactJS
Considering these many benefits of ReactJs there are many internet giants who have successfully used ReactJs and achieved great success. Here are some of them.

  • Facebook
    As a fact, Facebook is the place where the ReactJS library was created and so it is quite obvious that they are using it in their app. ReactJS is blended in Facebook’s application code and in the mobile application too.
  • WhatsApp
    The new WhatsApp is fueled with the features of ReactJS and enhancing user experience in all the possible ways. After releasing many beta versions, just like Facebook, WhatsApp has finally settled on ReactJS due to its exciting features.
  • Instagram
    The best use of ReactJS is done by Instagram and it is visible in quite an evident way. Instagram is packed with features including google maps, accurate search engines, and many more.
    As Facebook owns Yahoo, it is powered by ReactJS as well. Yahoo Mail has all the upgrades and features of ReactJS such as virtual DOM, highly active community, one-way data flow, etc.
  • Netflix
    The main reasons that Netflix stated for using ReactJs are startup speed, modularity, and runtime performance. ReactJS enhances the low-performance TV experience for the users.

Final words
With ReactJs by your side, you will surely develop an outstanding front-end that will attract potential users for your business. So, hop on the wagon of ReactJs and give your business a boost with least efforts. To know how you can use ReactJS for your business, quickly send in your requirements to Brainvire and experts will guide you through the entire process. So what are you thinking? Ping now!!!