5 Ways To Supercharge The ASP.NET App Performance

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  • Published OnOctober 12, 2016

  • Updated On May 31, 2021

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ASP.NET is considered as the best technology to build the applications that perform at speed. Also, it makes the app hosting on the server plain-sailing.

But, syncing the app with high performance is a bit tricky, as the app performance relies on a lot of things that are involved in the app development other than .NET such as HTTP network, middle-tier components, HTML client, database components, database servers and pretty more.

The slight variation in a single parameter can bring huge variations in the velocity at which app works. Similarly, there are some barely known tricks using which the app performance can be tweaked.

Certainly, you want to include all such tactics that will optimize the ASP.NET app development. So, let’s take a look at some of the tips that help you to maintain the performance of the .NET application:

5 Ways To Supercharge The ASP.NET App Performance

1) Switch off the session state

Session state store the user’s information, for instance, an Ecommerce store track and record the user’s browsing behavior. The feature of ASP.NET is enabled by default and that keeps on storing the data, which occupies a good amount of memory.

Session state is a repository of in the process, SQL database and state server data, which proves to be expensive in terms of both money and time. The reason is it stores the unnecessary data and occupies the memory for which you have to pay, and storing and fetching the data from the session state that takes too long.

It’s good to disable the session state using the directive when the information is not required to be stored or the pages are static

2) Don’t enable TRACING unless you need it

With the Tracing feature, ASP.NET applications’ trace and sequences can be tracked. This feature is of great help to the .NET development team to monitor the trace logging.

But, keeping the tracing feature enabled every time, brought some challenges on the top of the table. It increases the performance overheads and may unveil the confidential information as well.

That’s the reason it’s advised to keep the tracing disable unless you want to analyze the application performance.

3) Give a wide berth to throwing exceptions

Widely famous exceptions are the way to prevent the app crashes. The creation and handling of exceptions are tricky because they are heavy resources and may have a drastic impact on app performance.

Using try/catch blocks around the code are the best alternatives, which generate the exception when needed as try block create the exception and catch block handle the exception. Also, ordering the exceptions in the catch block is preferred, when a specific exception has to be handled at first.

4) Kill the resources with Finally Method

Finally, block clean up the resources, no matter the exception has either generated by try block or handled by a catch block or not. It implies, finally, the method is free from the block’s outcome.

Use the final method to close or deallocate only such resources that execute independently of whether the exception has occurred or not.

5) Skip the round trips to the server

In data-driven applications, every time, when the users made a request, the database is accessed and the system provides the response. This round trip during the high traffic and processing load on the database, uplift the network latency, which in turn impacts the app performance.

This can be avoided by implementing the AJAX UI and reducing the number of round trips taken. Instead of refreshing the whole page, it’s good to update the part that’s modified.


The list to optimize and accelerate the ASP.NET application performance is quite long. The aforementioned factors are the power boosters that can bring significant changes in the speed at which the ASP.NET app works. Incorporate the tactics in your application, irrespective of the ASP.NET app is under development or already built.

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