How Zend Framework 2 Can Benefit Your Web Application?


Talking About How Zend Framework 2 Can Benefit Your Web Application? Since its inception, PHP web application development services has been in demand and will always be. Since years, developers have been using PHP to build business websites and web applications. With time, it got evolved and new frameworks emerged in to offer more support. Out of so many PHP frameworks, Zend is one of the most popular and widely used frameworks used to develop web applications that can add wings to your business. Zend is the object oriented open source framework which is implemented in PHP 5 and enables organizations to build interactive complex websites and web apps. The reason behind such high popularity of Zend development is its endless number of benefits.

How Zend Framework 2 can benefit your web application

Zend is the preferred choice of most of the enterprises when it comes to choosing a PHP framework to develop website or web app. Not only large enterprises, but also small businesses can make the most out of this amazing feature rich framework. Apart from great flexibility and controlled development, it has got large community support, which is one of the main reasons behind being the favorite of all businesses. It is not adored only by organizations, but also by the developers, as it offers the availability of extended predefined classes which helps them build robust apps. ZF also provides the support for databases and includes MVC pattern (Model View Controller), which is widely used in web applications.

Talking About How Zend Framework 2 Can Benefit Your Web Application? Although Zend framework enjoyed its portion of success, there were some drawbacks like not having free downloadable add-ons and being a little difficult to learn, as it has got few tutorials and videos. However, in order to compensate for the drawbacks, the new version of Zend Framework arrived, known as ZF2. Let us talk about some of the most important things to know about Zend Framework 2 application development.

Zend Framework 2 has an event focused MVC layer and has got module management system. The most important benefit is the flexible architecture, as it uses dependency injection. Moreover, it has got powerful configuration and service locator implementation. Apart from that Zend framework has got a new module system and portability. Unlike Zend Framework 1, it is not necessary for the modules to be model view controller. Also, there is easy configuration in the Zend Framework 2. The configuration issue in ZF1 is solved in ZF2, as along with the global configuration, all the modules can offer their own configurations and their settings are emerged when system is started and they get loaded into the module manager. In short, it has got new packaging system, new MVC on the basis of events, better performance and new auto downloading class events, to name a few.

Talking About How Zend Framework 2 Can Benefit Your Web Application?  Now that you are aware of some of the most important things to know about Zend Framework 2 development, it is advisable for you to use ZF2 to develop website or web app for your business. A lot of web development companies provide the Zend framework development services. So, make sure you hire Zend developer for the best one to get the tap of professionals and take your business to the next level.

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