Zend Studio 13 – The Latest and the Best IDE for Development of PHP Applications

Zend Studio 13 - The Latest and the Best IDE for Development of PHP Applications

Here comes a new and much better platform to work for PHP developers. The end of month of September marked the entry of a new member in PHP Zend development tools family. This is Zend Studio 13, a powerful integrated development environment for creation of quality PHP applications. With all the latest technologies to support, the platform increases the efficiency of development while also giving the developers power to keep on with the latest trend in the market. Zend Studio 13 is said to be an easy to use software that is expected to boost up the productivity of the PHP developers significantly. Developing PHP applications, upgrading the existing applications to PHP, debugging and also testing the PHP applications will be quite easy with this latest platform in the house. The capabilities are par anyone’s expectations and hence, calls for better understanding of the developers to realize the features and worth of this new PHP platform.

Zend Studio 13 offers support for the latest PHP version, the seventh version and hence, calls for an easier, faster and more intuitive development process that produces quality PHP 7 applications. There are few exceptional features of this Zend application development tool and these are as follows:

Zend Studio 13 offers support for the latest PHP version i.e PHP 7 and hence, all the concepts of this latest version of PHP tool are also supportable in this Zend platform. These include the rich concepts of PHP 7 like return type declarations, group declarations, anonymous classes and much more. Hence, it is possible to develop full-fledged, robust PHP 7 applications with this latest PHP Zend development tool.

  • Support for Docker

Zend Studio 13 offers support for Docker images and tools. It allows for maximum deployment experience with containers on which developers can easily run, debug and test their PHP applications.

  • Easy Migration

Migrating existing applications to PHP 7 platform becomes much easier with this new platform which assists the users with the migration process. It scans the project for issues with compatibility to the PHP 7, points where the problem is and also offers the fix for the problem. In short, it acts like a migration assistant guiding the user step by step in the migration process.

  • Enhanced Debugging

The Zend Studio 13 automatically checks for the installed debugger for servers including both the local as well as the remote servers and hence, helps configure the client IPs for the purpose of debugging. While the unnecessary IPs are removed, the inaccessible ones are reported. However, the IDE automatically provides a new, best match client IP when a new server is added.

  • Best for Use of Eclipse Developers

Zend Studio 13 is based on Eclipse 4.5.1 and supports a plugin for Eclipse. Developers who are familiar with Eclipse can easily use this plugin that can be directly installed from their development environment.

So, having witnessed all the above features of Zend Studio 13, it would definitely not be wrong to say that this is one of the best Zend application development tools of the present times which is even expected to stay there in the far future too.