iPhone 6 Specs with New Business Opportunities for iPhone apps development


It’s time for a new Apple device and rumors are already floating in the mobile market about what this new device holds. There’s a lot of buzz and a lot of predictions made. The phone will be released this fall and what it will actually hold is yet to be seen. Apple’s new releases are always a great leap of innovation and Apple fans are already excited about iPhone6. Well, iPhone application development companies are excited too and so are businesses.

iPhone 6 will offer ample opportunities for iPhone application development with its awesome hardware expansion and a great many other features. Let’s take a round trip looking at what is speculated and what businesses can leverage from.

iPhone 6 Specs with New opportunities for iPhone apps development

A great shift from standard screen sizes

It’s rumored that the new iPhone 6 will ship with two versions in terms of screen size – 4.7 inches and 5.5. This means a greater user experience with an increase in screen size. iPhone developers can leverage from this to create apps with great UIs.

Sapphire glass screen

Apple will do away with the Gorilla Glass and replace it with Sapphire glass. New and improved sapphire glass screen will mean a more visually appealing iPhone screen. It is also robust enough to endure scratches. For iPhone apps development, this means creating a “wow” effect for all iPhone users!

More memory and improved processing power

3GB RAM is what the rumors say. That good is enough to deliver high performing iPhone apps! More than good enough. Many Android devices already ship with lots of RAM. It’s time Apple caught on – Great move. It’s also rumored that iPhone 6 will ship with A8 chip for processing, a powerful processor than it’s predecessors.

Camera, Battery, and built-in apps

iPhone 6 is said to have a 16MP rear camera and 3MP front camera. It’s quick and sharp too. The battery will be resized and battery life will be longer. Although that is said about all the newly launched phones, it still remains to be seen when the phone actually appears in the market this fall. Built-in apps include health-related apps for blood pressure, heart rate and lots more.

That said, iPhone 6 is awaited and looked at a perfect platform for iPhone application development and businesses can definitely leverage from the ample features it’s speculated to have. Well, if Apple actually goes with the “voice-based image tagging” it will be one of its kind features. Enhanced Siri is also what users are looking forward to. With eye scanning technology and voice-based search, it seems that iPhone 6 is going to be a smashing hit in the mobile market. Developers, businesses and ardent Apple fans are already awaiting its release. What actually comes our way is yet to be seen though! The release dates are not yet officially announced. Until then, let’s wait and watch and hope that Apple reconciles all these
expectations and delivers
an awesome product this fall – as always!

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