Forget LAMP, Try Mean Stack For Next Trading Portal Development!


Talking About Forget LAMP, Try Mean Stack For Next Trading Portal Development! Today, internet trading platform has become big business. Whether it’s a stock brokerage, purchasing and selling of goods or any other stuff’s, the internet is something with the help of which you can do anything easily. If we take the example of – It is one of the largest Chinese e-commerce trading sites where people buy & sell directly to each other. Alibaba has grown exponentially and expanded its offerings. The reason behind that is a strong business model, in-depth market research and of course best user experience backed by powerful technology that responds requests of millions of consumers within seconds. Have you ever thought how this wide ecosystem is able to handle such a heavy batch of requests? How are they able to achieve such a huge success?

Well, the answer lies within the question. Backed by vivid technology like Apache Tomcat as the web server and PHP and J2EE as a development framework, the trading portal is able to handle such huge requests. Earlier, offline trading was highly prevalent but with the evolving technology, the internet has become the major source to practice. Today, there are many online platforms available for various trading domains like brokerage, e-commerce, diamond, finance and much more. So, are you a diamond business owner? Planning to develop your own customized portal?

Forget LAMP, Try Mean Stack For Next Trading Portal Development

Well, sounds great! But, before getting into the development phase, there are many things that need to be scrutinized. Below is the list of questions that you need to answer:

1. Which technology to choose for development?

2. Which kind of user experience do you want to give to your customers?

3. What features you want to incorporate into your trading platform?

There are many technological companies like WordPress Website Development Comapnay available in the market and choosing robust, scalable, and reliable technology that fits your pocket is indeed difficult. If you are looking for strong, scalable and cost-efficient technology then the Mean stack is the best option to go with.

Why Should Business Approach Mean Stack For Trading Platform Development?

The mean stack is gaining huge popularity and it is begging the question of whether or not is the end of LAMP? Though LAMP is one of the premium choices for web development, the simplicity of Mean stack development subdue LAMP.

Talking About Forget LAMP, Try Mean Stack For Next Trading Portal Development! In MEAN, MongoDB offers a flexible layer for storing data while Node.js helps to build scalable applications. As the interactive website is highly appreciated, Express.js helps you to standardize website development while Angular.js bridge the gap between website and consumers to provide an interactive user experience. Overall, a complete power packed and open-source technology designed to best-fit trading websites.

How Can Diamond Trading Platform Backed With Mean Stack Technology Act As Revenue Generating Tool For Business?

1. Customized Trading Platform:

As the sharing economy model is the actual trend, such a model requires the existence of a trading platform that is robust, secure, scalable and reliable. One of the most important functions of any trading platform is to maximize the outcomes for the one that is sharing and others looking for resources. Brainvire – A Mean Stack Development Company includes such skilled professionals that build a trading platform from scratch with the Mean stack to ensure that your business goals are highly satisfied.

2. First-Class User Experience:

User experience is the key differentiator for any e-trading platform. At Brainvire, we understand that users are highly impatient and so we make the best use of angular.js. It possesses the characteristics of two-way data binding which is used to build highly interactive front-end and leverages the best user experience.

3. High Performance:

Mean consist of a non-relational database named MongoDB, data transfer ratio between client and server is fast and so, result retrieved are swift and accurate. It helps you to perform faster search regarding the jewelry, diamonds, stones, etc. and boost the performance of your site.

4. Failover Support:

Mean Stack consist of a compelling database layer in terms of MongoDB which is spread across multiple clusters to offer failover support. It means all your customer data are stored overcloud and is replicated to different clusters to support uncertainties.

5. Cost-Efficient:

As development with Mean Stack require proficiency in one language i.e “Javascript” and so it results in the reduction of cost to a great extent.

6. Scalable and Security:

As Mean Stack uses Node.js, the data is passed in JSON format and so data passed in the trading platform is highly secured thereby reducing extra overhead and makes the process simpler.

Ready To Discuss A Project?

Talking About Forget LAMP, Try Mean Stack For Next Trading Portal Development! Planning to develop a trading platform for your diamond business using Mean Stack? Contact Brainvire a leading Mean Stack Development Company for customize Mean stack development services. Contact us now.

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