Mobile Application Development 2013: The Challenges & Opportunities

Mobile Application Development

The world is turning mobile with the increasing number of smart phones and tablets already sold worldwide. This evolution has brought a significant change to the form factor of software solutions with a rise in development of a mobile solution. With the rate of mobile app development is expected to rise by five to nine percent, the future of Mobile Application Development looks both bright and positive for the year 2013.

The smart phone users are demanding more ‘n’ more innovative and sophisticated mobile apps and it seems like the mobile developers are taking advantage of this lucrative opportunity. The smart phone developers understands the needs of an user and try to provide unique mobile apps ensuring the future of mobile application development remains as bright as ever.

In this article, we will see the challenges and opportunities the mobile application developers are likely to face in the year 2013.

Challenges User Experience

The significant challenge involved in the mobile application development has actually been individual experience. Some enterprise app designers deal with mobile gadgets as an additional display and extend enterprise applications to mobile gadgets without recognizing that individual communications and habits vary greatly. This creates a troublesome experience for an individual leading to reduced adoption and use of the mobile application.

Development Technology (Native, Hybrid and Web)

The biggest challenge in hybrid mobile application development is to consider the varying capabilities of all the devices and building an app that works well for all of them. Some of the questions to consider are should your app be native or hybrid to single platform or whether it should be a web app that runs on all the devices. The decision to choose the platform is based on the cost as the development budget can escalate if you choose to make your app run on all the devices.

Personalization of Services & Devices

Another challenges involved in the mobile application development is to provide the personalization of services and devices. The mobile developers have a very less time to convert a visitor into a customer. Many mobile apps use GPS to determine the user’s location or a quick sign-up process with Facebook, but still they are not able to turn the potential visitor into an actual customer. This is because they fail to provide further utilization that can lure the visitor to pay.

Opportunities Sustainable Advertising

One of the greatest opportunities for mobile application development is sustainable advertising for generating more revenue. Many mobile app developers are now focusing on social media, advertising and ecommerce benefits through their apps. These industries have created a big buzz and evolving tremendously and are sure to bloom more.

Development of Niche Apps

Another opportunity is developing business apps that cater to a niche such as developing a quick app for order processing or making a quick appointment app that caters to the needs of an individual. These customized apps will surely improve the efficiency of business and increase the profitability in short period of time. Thus, the opportunity for mobile applications does not lie in developing game apps for the younger generation but also developing an app for business community.

I hope the above pointers will surely let you know about the challenges and opportunities involved in the mobile application development world. If you have more to share then leave your replies in the comment box below…!