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Talking About Is Cloud Going to be The Next Big Future of Mobile Apps? The term cloud computing is being tossed these days- mainly in the context of web development. But cloud computing potentials doesn’t begin and end here just with web development. The mobile platform is going to get impacted heavily by cloud computing. The recent study states that cloud computing will soon become a disruptive force in the mobile world.

You might be wondering what does the word cloud computing means. Well, it’s a kind of infrastructure where data storage and data processing happens outside the mobile device. Today, a majority of the application does most of storage and processing on a mobile device and not on the cloud. But in few years, it would probably change.

Is Cloud Going to be The Next Big Future of Mobile Apps

Since past few years, cloud computing has experienced tremendous growth – Right from more testing tool to a vital process which any mobile app development company adopted as a part of their computing strategy. Now, the basic question for any mobile app developers should not be the implementation of cloud computing but the implementation of the most suitable model to accomplish business needs and models.

Installing and upgrading software, ensuring backups, applications consolidated into a single multi-function application, reducing hardware cost and customized integrated process are the list of the benefits that enterprise can gain out of cloud computing. According to the recent Forbes survey- “Almost 55% of the enterprise predict cloud computing to generate brand new business models within upcoming few years”. So now the question arises over here is: Is cloud going to be the future of mobile apps? Is enterprise moving towards cloud technology?

What Does The Future Of Cloud Computing Looks Like?

Talking About Is Cloud Going to be The Next Big Future of Mobile Apps? Well, the future seems to be very bright when it comes to the cloud. With newer business models and latest technological innovations, there is no doubt that cloud computing is going to take off the bright node. Cloud Computing is far more than innovations. If we consider long –term perspectives, the future of cloud apps includes- cloud centric operations, platform services, access to data and services via the cloud and much more. Let’s watch how cloud the computing is going to be in 2020.

1.  More App Availability on the Cloud:

Today, industry specific applications are in process of becoming more accessible on the cloud. Mobile developers predict that majority mobile app development companies will develop the cloud based application by 2020.

2.  Awareness:

Cloud won’t be an unusual term in future. Mobile app users are consumers will actually understand what cloud means, its operations and the clear difference between public, private and hybrid cloud. Companies can look forward and segment the type of cloud business model they want to incorporate in their business. Mobile app development companies that are still working on the shared cloud are like inviting higher security threats and low performance. Hence, enterprise and top companies should swiftly migrate their development to private clouds on an early date.

Potential Problems:

Undoubtedly, there are some potential issues too that may act as a barrier in the shift of mobile computing. One of the major concern is the lack of speedy internet access. Eg: Lack of 3G coverage outside urban areas lead to slow access speed. However, every problem has a solution. Newer technologies like HTML5 that does local caching help mobile cloud apps to get away from those issues. These cutting –edge technologies may even replace browsers with a technology that provides a way better access to mobile web.

Talking About Is Cloud Going to be The Next Big Future of Mobile Apps? Cloud is here to stay and is going to evolve over the next few years in the market. Let’s watch how the cloud will drive future of mobile applications in the upcoming future years.

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