The Blockchain is the Talisman Larger Enterprises Have Anticipated!

Think Bitcoin?

Think Blockchain technology!

The reported potential of Blockchain for reducing bank infrastructure costs by 30%. Reported annual savings (potential) for banks deploying Blockchain technology is $8-$12 billion. The global chain market is expected to be worth $20 billion by 2024.

That’s HUGE if you’re still confused. However, enough of the stats! Let’s sail our ship towards the theory scenario!

With quite a buzz about the cryptocurrency, the larger enterprises have shifted their gaze with a larger vision to experiment with the neoteric Blockchain technology and make advancements in their scope of work.

And why not?

The distributed ledger technologies enable renovation of complicated hierarchical monetary transfer and processing in Fintech services by engaging more peers with the elaborated offerings. As per the study conducted by Juniper Research, a firm based in the U.K., 57% of the largest corporations in the world are either in the process or actively considering deploying Blockchain.

Again, enough of SaaS, what we need to ponder upon is it’s the right time to learn and go for BaaS (Blockchain as a service)!

Blockchain Technology

The rightly hyped technology aids in saving a hefty amount and admin expenses of the tech-based industries and companies. Moreover, the cloud currently used by the enterprises can be used for the technology and hence, no hassles.

So, how do we do it?

While a lot many can’t stop scratching their heads to understand the end-to-end adoption of the technology, we have extensively researched and unearthed a practical way out for the big-fat enterprises.

Make your way here to get on page with the step-by-step method to end-to-end technology adoption.

When it comes to evaluating Blockchain opportunities, we can’t help to brag about a pragmatic approach that involves an insightful evaluation to gauge the capability of Blockchain by consistent experimentation.

All the experiments carried out are then represented with the help of the prototypes.

  • Pilot Blockchain Cases of Practical Usage

This helps to understand the relevance of how the use cases can be performed.

After defining the standards of the test-cases, the design comprehensiveness is to work upon to cross-check the required outcome and its compatibility.

  • Build and Test Blockchain Solution

The designated outcome starts to take its actual form in this process. The solution obtained from the pilot Blockchain case is then executed with the technology.

  • Testing on the Platform

Once developed, the solution is then considered for the platform and testing is carried out for the scalability, performance, and privacy.

Once done, the solution is all set to be deployed.

  • Integrate the Network

All the segregated solutions implemented are then integrated into optimally compiling the architecture technology and the frameworks associated with it.

The systems and the implemented solution is then integrated on the blockchain service providers network.

  • Deploy and Operate Blockchain Network

This is the final step which consists of deploying the custom blockchain solution across the entire network and the enterprise applications.

Key Takeaway

As the paradigm of the traditional banking and finance service shifts, security and privacy sit at the front of any Industry and when we are talking about Fintech, it is more than the requisite.

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