Brainvire Announces Major Blockchain Offerings to Enable Interoperability

20th November 2017, Utah, USA

Up to the present time, Blockchain has gained numerous votes in its favor. To put it differently, Blockchain is a leading and future-vision technology that works on the digital persona and distributed architecture. Awarded as ‘Top IT Consultant 2017’ by Clutch, Brainvire has started offering Blockchain services that include Blockchain consulting, Blockchain development services, technology advisory, testing services, and so on.

Taking the technology to the whole new level through expertise and insightful approach, Brainvire’s offering of Blockchain services is determined as the ‘next big’ thing in order to broaden the horizons.

Technology is evolving day-by-day, and we are analyzing the potential use-cases that can be helpful to us to drive growth. Along with the advanced technical solution, security and distribution of data are the main aspects to make data transformation smoother and easier.The Blockchain is such powerful concept that will have a huge impact on how business operates. Just take a look at you and you can see the drastic change that technology has brought. We offer Blockchain technology services to be one of the witnesses of IT advancement”, said, Chintan Shah, CEO of Brainvire.

Brainvire Augments the Present Technical Capabilities Through Offering Blockchain Services

Brainvire has adopted the emerging trend of Blockchain that will allow the powerful, manageable, and secure digitizing process within various business domains.

If you’re finding what Blockchain technology is, let us share some highlights on it:

To put it simply, Blockchain technology works in the distributed environment and holds the highly-secured structure of information across the network. It was originally designed to support Bitcoin technology. But, over the recent time, tech community have found many potential areas in which Blockchain technology covers the substantial impact on the business process.

The chief advantage of Blockchain is it has no point of failure. Because, there is no centralized version of the data available in any single location, making it more robust and difficult to corrupt.

Brainvire assists in realization, use, and integration of Blockchain technology to offer seamless, synchronized, and secure access to data across the network.

Brainvire has also demonstrated the Blockchain technology services in one leading digital contract mobile application where Blockchain is used for security of contracts.

The industry-specific potential areas where Blockchain befits well:

1. Healthcare Industry

  • Maintaining health records
  • Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Management
  • Data storage and retrieval

2. Finance and Insurance Industry

  • Cross-border payments and trading
  • Trade and financial transactions
  • Global remittance
  • Peer-to-peer(P2P) transactions
  • Corporate trade & settlements
  • Commercial Insurance management

3. Retail and Ecommerce industry

  • Distributed marketplace environment
  • Inventory tracking and management
  • Supply chain management
  • Loyalty Rewards Point transactions

4. Logistic Industry

  • Claims and responses
  • Cargo assurance
  • Energy Supply Management
  • Blockchain development through cryptographic and advanced technologies
  • Digital Contract Development
  • Threat-free wallet
  • Cryptocurrency exchanges
  • Private Blockchain development
  • Supply chain management through Blockchain
  • Loan data sharing and management
  • Crowdsale

Brainvire helps you identify the potential domain of Blockchain and provide end-to-end services right from the prototype to the deployment.

About Brainvire,

Brainvire offers an extensive range of eCommerce website development services, mobile and web development services through adopting the innovative concepts and insights. Having 13+ years of experience delivering robust and top-notch solutions to the clients globally, Brainvire emerges as one of the fastest growing IT Company.


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