Roll On To Windows 8 Phones – it’s a breath of fresh air.

Windows 8 came with a different look and feel – some accepted it as a breath of fresh air – while for some it took time to adapt to. But as for Windows 8 apps development, it’s taken a huge leap in a very short time! Almost everything that’s there on iPhone and Android is already there – well at least the most popular ones.
Well, other than that, Windows 8 /8.1 offers plenty of new opportunities for developers. It’s just something different that people are beginning to love!

Windows 8 Apps development companies

Let’s check out a few distinct features that are new, and growing and open new doors for Windows apps development:

Lower app count in App Store = Greater Opportunity For Development!

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Apple and Android ecosystems have a greater app count? Well that’s true. Their ecosystems are that old too. Windows in a short period of time has incorporated all the “must have” apps as well as all the most popular apps in their app store.

Also, having larger app count in the app store, does not directly translate to increase in user base. I mean, apps is not the absolute reason. Well, there are two types of apps users. Those that use apps for the “fun” of it. And those apps that provide some business value. As far as both these types are concerned, Windows has got you covered! There are plenty of Windows 8 Apps development companies who can whip up a custom app for all your business requirements. Most businesses require apps that will help improve certain business processes, or solve a problem, or help employees stay connected to business systems on the go etc.

Live tiles – that’s a true breath of fresh air!

Well, traditionally User Interfaces for smartphones were defines by what Androids and iPhone’s provided. This even includes a limited size of app icons, limited number of icons on home screen. Customizable screens are another fact that these phones boast of. Well, Windows 8 live tiles offer a great way of customizing your UI for greater personalization. Sizing your icon tiles and per app live tile capabilities can help you fine tune your phone to your taste.

Bland app icons just sitting there on the screen get a little boring! Well, scrolling through tiles and swiping to get app your apps in one go is way too cool.

Universal App Models

When other OS’s are talking about universal app models as a upcoming feature, Windows already has that covered! Universal App Model essentially means that a user can download an app or purchase it once, and you can have it immediately across all your connected devices. The app usage experience is common. Unified live tiles experience is already available for all Windows powered devices. For Windows 8 apps developers, it’s a great feature to catch up on.

Businesses can also benefit from such an app model, giving their users a great user experience with apps that they download.

Well, the future of Windows powered devices is definitely bright and very neatly aligned for all that’s new and upcoming. Well, no wonder Windows 8 apps have received quite some traction in the past few years!