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  • Published On June 8, 2018

  • Updated On June 1, 2021

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Development and delivery many times gets tangled in an infinite loop. Improper commencement of project distraught management layer. Certain strategies are necessary for the implementation of the project. As business marches towards tech adaption so is the management layer to be upgraded. And currently, the agile software that is hitting shore is DevOps.

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What is DevOps?

DevOps is an amalgamation of business philosophical strategies and tools that improvises organization’s software development and software operations.

Communication is a vital ingredient to carry out management tasks. DevOps bridges the gap between two core units that is development and operations and builds a collaborative approach to efficiently deliver IT processes.

Importance of DevOps

  • Provides wheels of improvisation: DevOps lego is based on IT. Its purpose is not only to make IT processes better but to fuel business roots that lead to the development of IT software and platforms. DevOps takes into consideration every department be it planning, design, implementation, testing, delivery and support or maintenance. These departments together as one pack can make any business stand out from the league and DevOps definitely unifies this pack.
  • Blend of Agile and Lean: Agile methodologies of software development are an array of processes that accelerate development and aims at end results. And lean tailors optimum values that can be beneficial to customers with minimal resources. Incorporation of agile and lean makes DevOps dynamic and solutions are delivered faster.
  • Indispensable Culture: Traditional concepts were bounded by departmental rules meaning, every team used to look out for their department’s interest only. But DevOps culture has breached all departmental borderlines.  It allows cross-department This approach simplifies management control and tasks can be made rich with varied specialized resources.
  • Room for experiments: Experiments or trials derive innovation. DevOps provides a huge space to carry out experiments. Suggesting improvements and inclusion of new concepts expands boundaries of a project. This approach can be added in departments by including “feedbacks”, they will measure and monitor changes. This will enhance internal learning as well as customers will be provided with value-added
  • Professional Advancement: Combination of development and operations lets employees have a glance at co-team members’ work. Due to this, factors that can hinder software development can be mitigated in advance as software development team is provided with a precise specification which assists them to code.  Operation team is familiar with development steps and they will work parallelly with development team when critical turns arise while coding.
  • Digital Transformation: Nowadays, digitalization is buzzing in every corner. Automated business processes improvise ways that provide customer DevOps brings digitalization as it transforms business models with components like agility, speed, and quality.
  • Sets best market time: Development and operations together cut down time consumed in software building & bug fixing. As a result production cycles get shorten and in very less time organization can deliver software in the market before its competitors are out with their services.
  • Satisfactory Customer Experience: DevOps provides adaptability according to changing market and customer preferences patterns. With its development model concept, software development company can create and modify applications according to user needs.

Brainvire can help you place your organization’s business management on board with DevOps. With Microsoft’s visual studio which comprises advanced DevOps based environmental aspects, we deliver best services which will streamline your management.

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