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Technology innovation is accelerating at a greater pace. For a business to stay competitive and updated, it is quite inevitable to act responsively towards latest technology adoption and increasing market demands. Though mobile app development has taken over many industries, still many app developers of android and ios application developement adhere to the old and famous non-iterative “waterfall approach” which is quite expensive and time-consuming. In order to boost revenue cycle, development of a user-friendly application that improves productivity and reduces cost is the need of an hour. But how to develop such application that helps business in cost-reduction and improves productivity?

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Well, the answer lies in the two terms: “Cloud technology” and “Agile Development approach”. The adoption of these technologies is replacing old waterfall cycle with more incremental and robust development approach that empowers business to build a fast, robust and scalable application that involves less technical knowledge and expenses. Being iterative in nature, agile methodology helps business to adapt to quickly changing demands and collaborate more with customers to identify the actual pain points and fix them in an iterative manner.

Cloud Technology: Making Companies More Agile

In order to build a highly secure and scalable application, using the cloud as a platform for OS and software development service makes perfect sense. Having the ability to leverage infrastructure on demand, it breaks the dependency chain over various resources which in turn reduces reliance on IT infrastructure, manpower resources and thereby improves productivity.

As the entire application is built on cloud services, it makes it easy for a business to reflect on internal or external changes as per the changing market demands. Such facility not only makes companies more agile but also help business to reduce development and maintenance cost to a great extent.

How Cloud Enhances Agile Development To Build More Scalable Applications?

1.  Management Tools:

As agile methodology works into time-boxed sprints, they constantly prioritize features and defects & iterate till the time expected output is not achieved. Cloud platform integration model with agile methodology helps business to manage thousands of users without reflecting any changes in IT infrastructure.

2.  Parallel Testing:

Cloud computing services leverage you with an ability to create multiple environments and isolate various version of the code that needs to be tested. It facilitates app developers with multiple environments that help them to work on different parts of the code in a parallel fashion.

3.  Continuous Integration and Delivery:

Having a wide range of virtual machines in agile software development group helps business to improve continuous integration and delivery. Agile teams can create as many instances as needed on an ad hoc basis.

How Blend Of Cloud Technology And Agile Development Benefits Business?

1.  It reduces the cost of the implement and deploy changes and thereby enhanced business agility.

2.  It helps in the faster release of an app in the market by minimizing environment set up time and discovering and fixing bugs and defects in an iterative manner.

3.  Minimization of hours spent in managing development environment indirectly creates a good impact on productivity.

4.  As the upfront investment for procuring development environment is quite low, it reduces the cost to a great extent.

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