Where is Mobile Application Development Drifting Towards in 2015?2 min read


The mobile industry is transforming and will continue to change. With the advancement in technology, the field of mobile application development is transforming. The trends for mobile apps and software change every year. Things change from year to year on the basis of the choices and needs of people. Let us check out in which direction is mobile app development going this year…

Where is mobile application development drifting towards in 20151. Android is beating iOS:

With time, the number of Android users is increasing. With the constant rise in number of applications, Android has reached the peak. As per the data from Statista, the number of apps available to download in Google Play store is more than that in Apple app store, till July 2015. The trend will continue to rise and Android, as the number of Android devices continues to rise with time.

2. Decline in Native Apps:

With the drastic change in mobile industry and the expanding capacities of the web apps, the decline in native apps will be clearly seen in the market by the end of this year. The designers will be well acquainted with the dangers regarding to the native apps, resulting in the gradual acceptance of mobile apps.

3. Connected Objects:

With the number of apps, the number of smart devices and appliances is also rising. Smart televisions, video game consoles, washing machine controlled by Wi-Fi, wearable technologies and other smart household appliances are gaining popularity and will be soon used by people across the world.

4. Cloud Application:

As cloud application is a hybrid of web and desktop application, you can reap the benefits of the both from it. Such applications offer rich user experience and quick response to user experience. In addition to that, there is a benefit of offline mode. Moreover, it lets you upload a file and share it too. Apart from that, it allows you to take a screen shot of the screen and record it too.

5. Parallax Scrolling:

Whether its web or mobile app development; the visual appeal contributes the most in enhancing the user experience. So, parallax scrolling is a growing trend when it comes to the depth of images while designing the application. Parallax scrolling helps in creating interactive and dynamic user experience, as it lets all the content display on the single page; thus engaging the users for longer time on the web page.

Wrapping up

All these points mentioned above will dominate the mobile app industry this year, as time passes by. There are a few other changes that you might notice. HTML will evolve as one of the most popular platforms for mobile application development. Moreover, meteor framework will also be widely popular and used for developing applications. The last, but certainly not the least, the applications for wearable devices will start getting much of the market share. So, you must keep these points in mind when designing your mobile application, so as to end up getting a successful mobile app for your business. Good luck for the same!

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