How To Submit Your Mobile App To The App Stores

Being a developer, you might have travelled thousands of hours, worked day and night to transform the app idea into the reality mobile application, but after that what to do? Mobile application development is not as easy as you think. Developing an effective mobile app and getting it approved from the most popular mobile application stores is not a cream pie.

Mobile Application Development

Once you’re done with your mobile application development venture, it is very important that you let the world know about what you’ve developed. Most of the developers create their mobile application due to their passion to deliver something innovative and creative to the mobile users, but it is important that you consider submitting your mobile app to app stores. You can find plenty of mobile app stores available today in the market. You can also find various third-party mobile app stores, which helps you get your app featured on it.

So, how you will submit your mobile app to the app store to get instant approval? Want to know a few tips? Continue reading this post!

  • One of the most important things you should do is to decide on which store you would like to submit your app. Of course, you will choose one of the most popular mobile app stores to publish your app in order to make it successful. So, ensure you choose the right app store to get maximum benefit from it.
  • Each and everything has their own plus and minus points, and the same thing is applicable to the online app stores too. While many of them ask for a huge membership fees, the others have a strict app submission and approval guidelines. Identify what’s more important for you and want features you want from the mobile app store for your mobile application development venture.
  • Figure out how much you’re ready to pay. There is no doubt that you’ve already spent a huge amount of money behind your mobile application development venture, so make sure you are ready to pay a few more for the registration.
  • Before you submit your mobile app, make sure you have gone through the app submission guidelines. Understand what are the terms and conditions of the app store as it will help you get an idea about what are the chances of your mobile app get approved in the app store.
  • Avoid using any copyrighted material like photos, videos, logos and so on. It would be the major reason for the rejection of your mobile app from the app store.
  • Be precise and clear whenever writing a description of your mobile app. Also, try to create a unique icon for the mobile app in order to make it easy for the end users to identify your app instantly.

Ensure that you follow all the guidelines discussed in this post to get your mobile app approved from the app store of your choice. Do you have more things to share? Share your views in the comments…!