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Xamarin: Is it the best fit for Cross-Platform Mobile App Development?

Mobile technology has developed into a business opportunity for organizations focusing on digital achievement because a growing measure of clients arrives at the web using SmartPhones. Going versatile for an organization means building a smart fit with various activity frameworks, fundamentally Android and iOS. That is the reason this blog on cross-platform mobile application advancement is significant.

This blog will enlighten you with insight into the upsides of mobile cross-platform advancement with Xamarin.

As indicated by Statista, the number of smartphone consumers in India was expected to reach more than 760 million by 2021, with the number of smartphone customers overall gauge to surpass 3.8 billion users in 2021.


Microsoft obtained Xamarin, which had been at first dependent on the Mono project, in 2016 and coordinated into the .NET platform.
Now, it is a profoundly famous open-source system for cross-platform mobile development. A solitary technology pile of Xamarin, C# language, and .NET framework, along with reusing up to 95 percent of the code, empowers the speedy and simple formation of mobile applications for iOS, Android, and Windows OS.
Xamarin is a stage to advancement that makes mobile applications for iOS, Android, and Windows.

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Xamarin, how great is it?

In light of the measurements, Xamarin’s articles are familiar across the globe. The way that few industry pioneers have put together their answers concerning this platform demonstrates its dependability and proficiency. It has been widely used by well-known brands across the globe.
Visit statista for better statistics of how many people use it and which are the brands that use it.

Pursuits of Xamarin Cross-Platform Development

Cross-platform mobile app development is getting boundless as it has certain focal points over native development.

Why Xamarin for Cross-platform Development?

This is an excellent tool to experience the idea of developers to build code at once and use it across different frameworks, without exhausting the application’s performance, user experience, or practicality.
It’s a comprehensive tool that permits you to make a solitary application rationale using .NET and C# for every platform instantly.

The Development Approaches of Xamarin

There are two definite ways of building cross-platform applications applying Xamarin. 

Xamarin Native

It incorporates Xamarin, Xamarin. Android and Xamarin.iOS.Windows libraries that permit you to configure separate applications for every platform. For this situation, the UI code is special for every arrangement, except the backend is shared similar to the Xamarin.Forms.

Xamarin Form

It permits you to plan a visual interface once, connect some C# logic to it, and offer this codebase across Android, iOS, and Windows platforms with some minor code changes. For this situation, the UI code and the backend are arranged for all solutions.

Effectiveness of Building Cross-Platform Apps with Xamarin

 A few significant bumps of utilizing Xamarin for cross-platform mobile app development.

Specialized Support by Microsoft 

Xamarin guarantees solidness, steadfast specialized support, and intends agile delivery because one of the world’s driving tech leaders Microsoft upholds it. 

Better User-Experience 

Xamarin has a comprehensive path to various manual and Application Programming Interfaces utilized on Windows, iOS, and Android. Thus, it can give an excellent native plan and execution for each application. You can utilize all the novel elements at one stop and make a solitary arrangement with specific interfaces according to the platform. 


It has an easy-to-share codebase and a solitary technological stack that saves time spent on the advancement process. The code can be developed once and reused for different arrangements, making just slight tweaks and not investing energy in a similar methodology. This implies you can deliver your application to the fleet. 

Costs- Effective

There is no requirement for a separate team to strive with the application because it is written majorly on C# and inside the .NET system. The improvement, measurement, and deployment are fundamentally smoothed out when performed by a solitary group, dispensing with extra costs and guaranteeing a brisk chance to advertise.

Code Sharing

With some tweaks to the codes, the developer can use them to create mobile applications for different platforms.

Worked on Maintenance 

It is user-friendly to keep up applications built with Xamarin. Structures as they share code. On the off chance that you need to refresh applications and fix a few issues, get it done in the source code, and all progressions will be naturally connected to different systems. Once more, it saves time, engineer contribution, and funds. Besides, the Xamarin people group merits regard. 

Xamarin! They equip comprehensive client service backed with efficient work and developing easy skillfulness.

Steadfast Experience with Xamarin

Brainvire’s Xamarin specialists have been offering Xamarin Services for a long time now and have finished numerous projects.

We have worked on cross-platform for many of our clients because creating distinctive applications for iOS and Android would have been tireless and expensive. That is the reason the customer selected Xamarin cross-stage improvement. 

Subsequently, the cross-platform mobile app development was created and effectively performed on both operating systems like iOS and Android. Brainvire was engaged with the accompanying phases of product development, the definition of needs, testing, application advancement, planning, execution, backing, and upkeep. 

Concluding with the mobile-first Approach

Building clever mobile applications with Xamarin makes the Programming more productive and practical while keeping up all essential applications’ practices. Yet, this is not a one-stop-solution. Much of the time, we have learned Xamarin as an effective tool that drastically cuts both building and upkeep expenses without jeopardizing quality. Thus, we consider it to be a likely distinct advantage for some. All things considered, Android and iOS keep on the decision of the digital and mobile business, and you need to gauge the benefits and drawbacks of local versus cross-platform improvement while picking the quickest, least expensive, and most productive approach. 

We are a leading Mobile app development company and Specialists at Brainvire have a profound experience with making both native and cross-platform mobile applications. We can turn into your solid accomplice.

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