Why Having a Portfolio of Evidence is a Better Choice than a CV!4 min read


Why Having a Portfolio of Evidence is a Better Choice than a CV

Talking About Why Having a Portfolio of Evidence is a Better Choice than a CV, Long gone are those days when people used to hold verbal promises as the truth. But now is the era where if you have to prove your mettle, you have to provide ‘evidence’ backing it to the world. If you are a student looking for a graduate/post graduate course from a top university, or a fresher/experienced professional hunting for a job, or a business trying to reach clients, you want to showcase your best to be able to convince them. Convince them of your accomplishments, skills, experience, attributes, values, and achievements in return of pursuing your interest or generating income/revenue. Following the traditional path, people considered making CVs (Curriculum Vitae) – a two-paged representation of your qualifications, skills, achievements, and experiences – as the only option of promoting themselves.

However, with increasing competition, making a CV your formal representative is not enough.

Want to know what a Portfolio of Evidence is?

A PoE (Portfolio of Evidence) is a collection of documents comprising multimedia artifacts to showcase your competence against a set of learning outcomes whilst presenting the required proof or evidence of the same. It contains your actual work, assignment, research papers, innovative projects in the form of multimedia files such as videos, images, etc. This helps to showcase your real talent to the world which is acknowledged by the actual key collaborators/experts though the Portfolio of the evidence.

How to use a PoE to your advantage?

  • Present Data in an Engaging Format.

An average CV is a two-page document that contains information in brief about your work and skills without providing the proof of the same. This can result into promoting yourself in a bland and unproven manner or even worse, certain skills or projects may not carry the weight you want them to. Below is the example of a how a CV looks like.

Why Having a Portfolio of Evidence is a Better Choice than a CV

Talking About Why Having a Portfolio of Evidence is a Better Choice than a CV, Whereas using a portfolio of evidence lets you place an unforgettable influence on recruiters or clients by providing the required information in multiple formats including text, audio, video, image files and more. The given link provides a very basic idea of a digital portfolio of evidence.

  • Evidence of Your Accomplishments

Your achievements, skills, and abilities don’t just remain words on a piece of paper that may just have to be taken at face value but rather information that can be trusted when you use a portfolio of evidence. This is because you give the client the proof of your abilities and work experience. As an individual, you can show digital copies of your certificates, qualifications related to your educational or skills development in your portfolio. And as a business, you can include project details, highlights, videos of client’s reviews, project snapshots, etc. On the other hand, when you present a CV, because of a lack of evidence the client may prefer avoiding it and jumping on to another portfolio.

  • Generates Credibility

John C Maxwell, an American author once quoted, “Credibility is a leader’s currency, with it he or she is solvent, without it he or she is bankrupt.” A portfolio that allows your recruiter/experts to see your work on the spot while going through your accomplishments will help you gain credibility. Specially the reviews given by your past clients or the references as an evidence of your work will help in generating trustworthiness in the mind of recruiters. This, in turn, is going to help you stand out from the competition.

  • Help the Potential Clients Visualize Working with You

Presented evidence of the work in a PoE, especially the visual media, can help your potential clients visualize or get a clear picture of your growth in the business. This will automatically improve your chances of converting these clients into paying customers.

Having said that, all content that you present as proof or evidence must be verifiable. Your portfolio must show your responsible side which can bring profit to your targeted clients. Because winners are among those who take the road less traveled and making a portfolio that is different from the usual and contains the evidence of your accomplishments and skills is far more convincing.These benefits can help you outperform the competition while giving your client a lifetime remembrance of your work skills.

Talking About Why Having a Portfolio of Evidence is a Better Choice than a CV, It is one’s own choice to follow the league or be the leader of a new revolution. If you wish to know more about how you can convert your CV into a Portfolio of Evidence, don’t hesitate, get in touch with us at info@brainvire.com! We’d love to help you out!

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