Windows 8 Mobiles will see a definite growth in the near future with Nokia Lumia and more!

Although the Windows 8 tiles and the new look has not completely caught up with the users as iOS and Android did, it’s seen as a pretty new landscape for Windows 8 Mobile app developers to build upon. Giving the phone a little more than what it already offers by customizations is a trend that’s slowly setting in. With Nokia phones being the major ones shipping with the latest tiled Windows 8 it’s perceived as being the next big thing in the Windows world.

windows 8 mobile application development

The Windows App Store by the end of 2014 is predicted to hit its highest numbers for business, personal and all types of useful apps.

Hardware and performance
With the association with Nokia, all the previous presumptions of Windows 8 lacking a robust hardware have been answered. Windows 8 Mobile developers too agree that they have a strong platform to build upon. It is a quad core processing ability, larger screens and a superior camera. Well, by introducing tiles on the start screen instead if the start button, it provides for a very impressive first look too. Many agree that if you want to take advantage of its potential, hire windows 8 mobile developers and customize it as you wish by developing apps and making it an all in one device for business and personal use.

Businesses also see this as a futuristic Smartphone that has come in very late in the market but has caught up with and surpassed its competitors in a short time.
With the support from great hardware, Windows 8 phones are also now better at the performance factor. With Nokia lumia and such phones, battery saving and great memory (RAM), apps can stay there for a good two days and the phone still performs. Good for Windows 8 Phone users!

Apps and OS
With Windows 8 Phones coming late in the market, there is generally a slight hesitation while moving from Android or iOS to Windows. The number of apps that it supports is in comparison less. Well, that gap seems to be slowly but surely bridged! Well, Windows 8 phone seems to be the next generation thing.

The “live” tiles are interesting – it shows notifications from your Facebook or updates from other apps right there on the start screen. The OS is a great foundation Windows Mobile developers see great potential in providing users with excellent apps for their business and personal use.

If you have shifted from Android/iOS to Windows and are not missing it – it’s a good thing because Windows 8 is catching up and is a great operating system to build upon and customize for your business purposes.  And 2014 will see a great potential for Windows phones with the Nokia Lumia on the frontline. So, if you are considering the move, good choice! If you feel it will take time to get accustomed to – yes it will. But it will see growth and rise in the near future for sure! Contact Brainvire to Hire Windows Mobile Developers for Windows Mobile Application Development.