The Fantastic Four Myths of Mobile Application Development

In today’s smart phone addiction world, most people have their phones in their hand most of the time. It has become the easiest way to reach to people. Smart phones have become the first choice of people when it comes to browsing or seeking information online about any product or service. Business owners have also started realizing this fact and they know that they should be where their customers are. So, they have started developing the mobile applications for their businesses.
The customers can easily access the information from the mobile application and stay connected to it so that they come to know about all the updates through notifications. Also, they will be able to enjoy the services and buy the products through the application. In short, it will be easy for them to contact the company, which will be beneficial for the customers as well as business owners. However, there are some misconceptions prevailing in the market regarding the mobile application development which we need to remove. So, let us have a look at some of the most important ones…

  • It takes minimum six months to develop apps

This is absolutely false! If this was the truth, then the business of the mobile application development company would sink. A developer would make just two apps a year; which doesn’t seem too profitable for the business. A mobile app development company makes hundreds of applications a year for their clients. So, the key is, developers reuse the code and backend services to cut down the development time to half.

  • Mobile app developers must know all the languages and frameworks

This is so not true; the mobile app developer need not know ten different languages. Instead, most of the companies follow ‘bring your own toolkit’ approach so that the developer can make the use of the coding language that they are most comfortable with.

  • Mobile apps are only for smart phones

There is one of the most popular myths prevailing across the globe that the mobile applications are used only by the smart phone users. However, this is not at all true. Although, most mobile app users are the smart phone users; the mobile apps are also used by the tablet users or the wearable technologies users.

  • An good looking app gets 5 star rating in the app store

Of course, the good looks are important and it undoubtedly contributes to get a 5 star rating in the app store. However, that does not mean that it is the only thing that is responsible for the rating. Performance and integration also make contribution for the rating. So, the developers must have good skills and the tools used in developing the mobile application.
Now, you are aware of some of the most important misconceptions about the mobile applications in the global mobile market. So, it is you, who need to take the stand and put in some efforts to eradicate these myths from the minds of people. All of us together can do it and take the mobile application industry to the next level. Good luck for that!

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