Streamlined Order Management: Brainvire’s Odoo Mastery Elevates Contemporary Furniture Retailer’s Business

Odoo Partnership Fuels Modern Furniture Retailer's Sales Surge: A Success Tale Unfolded

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  • Published on January 08, 2024

  • Updated on May 03, 2024

Streamlined Order Management: Brainvire’s Odoo Mastery Elevates Contemporary Furniture Retailer’s Business

Room Service 360° is a premier retailer specializing in contemporary furniture, avant-garde lighting, and comprehensive room accessories. Catering to a diverse clientele spanning the United States and international markets, 360° Room Service curates opulent collections tailored to diverse functional needs, aesthetic preferences, and financial considerations. The brand strategically collaborated with an Odoo Gold Partner to optimize operational efficiency and amplify business growth, benefiting from their specialized expertise throughout the integration process.

Established in 2005, Room Service 360° has emerged as a premier retailer specializing in contemporary furniture, cutting-edge lighting, and versatile room accessories. With a Philadelphia-based showroom complementing its robust online presence, the brand emphasizes quality Italian craftsmanship, sourcing meticulously curated home décor from European hubs like Italy and Spain.

Their product range spans wallpapers, rugs, clocks, mirrors, accent pillows, and tabletop accessories, aptly serving both residential and commercial sectors. Over two decades, Room Service 360° expanded globally, underscoring its dedication to delivering modern, high-quality furniture tailored to individual functional and budgetary needs. Recognizing the imperative of a centralized order system amid expansion, the brand engaged Brainvire, an Odoo Gold Partner, to optimize and fortify its operational infrastructure, ensuring seamless scalability and enhanced customer experience.

Room Service 360°: Navigating Complexities, Crafting Strategic ERP Solution


Unified Platform for Online and Offline Orders

Room Service 360° grappled with managing both online and offline sales channels separately, leading to disjointed inventory and customer experiences. A unified ERP platform became essential, ensuring synchronized order processing and real-time inventory updates across all touchpoints.

Post-Sale Customer Service Management

Without an integrated system, tracking post-sale interactions, grievances, and warranties proved challenging. The brand sought an ERP solution to centralize customer data, enhancing post-sale service management and fostering long-term trust.

Handling Custom and Subcontracted Orders

The brand's bespoke offerings required efficient handling of custom, special, and subcontracted orders. Manual management led to errors and delays. An ERP system promises streamlined processing, ensuring accuracy and customer satisfaction.

Varied Tax Structures in the USA

Navigating diverse U.S. tax structures demanded automated solutions. An ERP tailored for regional tax complexities became imperative, automating tax calculations and ensuring compliance across different zip codes.

Global Order Deliveries

Expanding globally introduced complexities in managing varied delivery logistics. An integrated ERP offered a holistic view, streamlining shipping processes and ensuring timely deliveries while complying with regional regulations.

Integration with Freight Forwarders

Coordinating with freight forwarders required real-time tracking and transparency. The absence of a centralized system made this challenging. ERP integration promised enhanced communication, optimizing logistics and order fulfillment.

Payment Gateways

Manual handling of partial payments introduced reconciliation complexities. Streamlining this process became vital for improved cash flow and customer experience. An ERP system offered automated tracking, ensuring financial accuracy and transparency.

Automated Procurement 

Manual vendor coordination based on sales orders led to procurement inefficiencies. Automation became crucial to optimize inventory levels, reduce delays, and enhance vendor collaboration.

Odoo Story for Room service

To address these multifaceted challenges, Room Service 360° embarked on an exhaustive evaluation of potential system solutions.

Collaborative Alliance of Room Service-Brainers Yields Peak Performance

Integrating the Odoo ERP solution marked a transformative phase for Room Service 360°, profoundly impacting its operational efficiency, customer satisfaction, and growth trajectory. This comprehensive integration tailored to their unique needs streamlined processes, centralized data management, and empowered informed decision-making, culminating in a surge in orders and elevated customer satisfaction.

1. Seamless Magento-Odoo Integration

The integration intricately synchronized Magento and Odoo platforms to facilitate streamlined order processing, modifications, and updates.

Seamless Magento-Odoo Integration

Real-time Synchronization

Upon order placement on Magento, instantaneous relay to Odoo facilitated immediate inventory adjustments, ensuring accurate stock levels and minimizing discrepancies. This bidirectional data flow enabled real-time order updates, enhancing customer transparency and satisfaction.

Efficient Order Management

Automated workflows triggered by cancellation requests or modifications on either platform expedited refunds, inventory restorations, and status updates. This reduced manual intervention processing times and bolstered operational efficiency.

Comprehensive Tracking Capabilities

The integrated environment enabled stakeholders to monitor order statuses, track shipments, and manage returns efficiently. Such synchronicity optimized communication channels, fostering enhanced customer trust and satisfaction.

2. Magento-Odoo Order Optimization

Experts harnessed advanced technological integrations to refine order management processes, achieving seamless communication, real-time updates, and automated workflows.

- Magento Options Integrated into Odoo ERP
- Managed Custom Furniture Orders Precisely
- Unique Product Attributes and Specifications Configured
- Flexible Pricing with Custom Discounts
- Real-Time Order Updates Across Platforms
- Personalized Furniture Options for Users
- Optimized Production and Fulfilment Processes
- Seamless Automated Order Workflows

3. Elevating Customer Engagement & Management

The seamless integration of customer groups from Magento into Odoo empowered targeted communication, personalized marketing strategies, and optimized customer relationship management.

Integrated customer profiles enabled tailored promotions, optimized customer management, and enhanced engagement across platforms, fostering brand loyalty.

4. Managing 600K+ Products

Successfully integrating and managing a vast product catalog from Magento into Odoo ensured accurate product information, efficient inventory tracking, and centralized data management, driving operational excellence and enhanced product visibility.

Managing 600K+ Products

5. Streamlined Wizard for Enhanced Satisfaction

The development of a custom wizard during sales order creation facilitated product personalization, allowing customers to tailor products according to preferences, enhancing satisfaction, and improving sales experiences.

Key Feature and Description:

- Platform Integration: Seamless data flow between Magento and Odoo.

- Payment Method Enhancement: Multiple avenues for seamless customer transactions.

- Sales Order Streamlining: Real-time syncing for accurate order fulfillment.

- Shipping Efficiency: Consistent delivery options; enhanced customer experience.

- Product Management Centralization: Optimized inventory visibility and consistent data.

- Data Synchronization: Integrated customer profiles for personalized experiences.

- Bidirectional Data Flow: Enhanced payment processing; improved operational efficiency.

6. Magento-Odoo Fusion

The integration significantly boosted payment processing efficiency, offering customers diverse payment methods, streamlined sales orders, efficient shipping methods, centralized product management, and bidirectional data flow, fostering enhanced operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

RS 360 Magento-Odoo Fusion

7. Taxjar-Odoo


The strategic integration of Taxjar within Odoo optimized sales tax management, ensuring accurate, compliant, and efficient tax calculations, mitigating risks, enhancing financial transparency, and positioning the brand for sustained market competitiveness.

Strategic Solutions: Catalysts for Brand Growth

The implemented Odoo solution has significantly shaped Room Service 360’s upward trajectory within the market landscape. 

- Unified Sales Management: The brand has optimized its operational efficiency by centralizing sales orders, leading to smooth order processing and heightened customer satisfaction.

- Taxjar Implementation: Adopting Taxjar for sales tax calculations has refined financial operations, ensuring adherence to compliance while providing accurate financial reporting.

- Enhanced Customer Communication: Prioritizing effective communication has bolstered customer trust and rapport. This proactive approach addresses their needs promptly, thus amplifying satisfaction levels.

- Integrated Procurement, Sales & Logistics: A cohesive integration across procurement, sales, and logistics has streamlined operations. This synergy minimizes bottlenecks and trims operational costs.

- Informed Decision-Making: Agile workflows and processes empower the brand with nimble decision-making capabilities. This agility allows for timely responses to shifting market dynamics and emerging opportunities.

- Error Reduction & Personalized Solutions: The brand has minimized errors by offering standardized yet tailored solutions. This precision enhances overall service quality, solidifying the brand's reputation in the marketplace.

The Impact of Odoo ERP on Brand Evolution

Brainvire has influenced the brand's operational efficacy and market stance.

Elevated Productivity:

Optimized operations amplified efficiency, allowing the brand to maximize output with refined resources, catalyzing growth.

Unified Data Management (Odoo & Magento):

Merging data streams provided a cohesive perspective, bolstering decision-making precision and operational synergy.

Strengthened Post-Sale Support:

Augmented customer service post-purchase strengthened loyalty, elevating satisfaction levels and nurturing enduring client bonds.

Operational Mobility:

Robust mobility features empower remote functionalities, granting teams the agility to address market shifts swiftly.

Process Adaptability:

Dynamic processes fortified the brand's agility, facilitating prompt adaptations to emerging market trends and consumer behaviors.

Efficiency Gains:

Streamlined workflows and reduced intricacies resulted in notable time and cost efficiencies, amplifying profitability margins.

Consistent Operational Framework:

Uniform workflows curtailed discrepancies, instilling reliability and consistency across operations.

Precision in Tax Management:

Integration with Taxjar ensured meticulous tax computations, reinforcing compliance and bolstering financial clarity.

Precision in Tax Management

Fluid Business Operations:

Integrated and efficient processes fostered an optimal business milieu, championing growth and customer focus.

Brainvire and Room Service 360: Symbiotic Success Story

In Room Service 360's ascent to success, Brainvire emerged as an indispensable ally. Their collaboration fortified RS 360's operational prowess, enabling seamless management of diverse order types via a customized Odoo platform. Integrating Magento's capabilities further refined customer engagement and logistics.

Brainvire's expertise streamlined processes and enhanced RS 360's customer support, aiming for swift issue resolution. With the Odoo partner’s tailored solutions and RS 360's vision, this partnership underscores the transformative power of aligning with the right experts. Together, they've crafted a success story, proving that strategic collaborations pave the path to unparalleled business achievements.

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