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How TentandTable brings Business of Experience to Life

TentandTable has been associated with Brainvire for the past few years. We have been an integral part of their transition to Magento and their digital marketing success during the pandemic. 

Remarking on their astounding growth, Kevin Clor, COO of TentandTable said, “ It has been a truly rewarding experience working with Brainvire. They have been our staunch and loyal technology partner throughout the pandemic and even after that as we are adjusting to the new normal.”

While this success has been applauded far and wide, the journey has not been easy. It has been riddled with trials and tribulations that occur while handling the changing market conditions of the digital world. 

Brainvire has provided many different solutions to TentandTable for various technological needs. We have also organized trade shows, conferences, and events with them to showcase our association and solutions.

Bringing Offline Business Online

Brainvire helped TentandTable transform into a modern retail company. Brainvire’s association with Tent and Table helped them to reach their customer needs economically and efficiently. Real-time reports, effective supply chain, sales and flexibility to scale, etc. are a few attributes offered by Brainvire. An omnichannel was created for customers and to improve the overall experience.

TentandTable’s Experience with Brainvire’s Odoo ERP Development Services

TentandTable began its e-commerce journey with a user-friendly Magento 1 website. They were linked to several marketplaces at the same time. They used the BoostmyShop ERP to handle business functions like inventory control and purchasing management. They were also connected to QuickBooks Online for accounting. The slow performance of the website greatly impacted the customer service. Customers were facing difficulty in viewing, managing, and processing quotes through Cart2Quote.  

TentandTable experienced a lack of transparency that prevented them from knowing how much money they were making. They were unable to distinguish between their best-selling goods, which generated the most revenue, and their low-selling products, which were losing money. Without warehouse management functions such as barcode scanning, cycle counting, they desperately began to look for end-to-end solutions to all these problems.


America’s Leading Commercial Party Rent Equipment Providers Increases Sales Amid Pandemic

Brainvire’s an-inclusive digital assistance allowed the brand to reach more audiences and double the sales during the pandemic and post-pandemic


TentandTable decided to concentrate on only the ERP functions after encountering a slew of issues and started looking for a comprehensive ERP system. TentandTable approached Brainvire to handle their ERP development needs as part of their quest for a comprehensive ERP system. Brainvire, an Odoo Gold Partner specializes in Odoo ERP development services to help businesses manage data from a variety of sources.

Brainvire’s Odoo solution came out as a savior since most of the functionality they were looking to add was already native to their platform. TentandTable decided to upgrade to Magento 2 and integrate Odoo as their ERP platform. Furthermore, to attract potential buyers, the company heavily relied on events and trade shows. Odoo offered mobile and app-based POS system. This made it easy for them to place orders when on the go.

They consolidated all inventory management, ordering, orders, and accounting into Odoo ERP. Within six months, they had better greater visibility into the status of their store. They were able to recognize goods that were selling at a faster rate, and their decision-making abilities improved.

Our Odoo Smart App has proved revolutionary for Kevin Clor, COO of TentandTable. He mentions he does 95% of his work through the app, giving him the flexibility to work anytime, anywhere. Earlier, customers would directly contact him through email, texts, and phone for details about orders and purchases, throwing his ticketing and request management all over the place. 

With our Odoo ERP system, Kevin was able to consolidate his ticketing, communication, and resolve issues. 

TentandTable has recently started an e-learning system for their employees. They have struggled with creating the appropriate knowledge-base, giving the staff proper process and product training. The project management tool within the Odoo platform has transformed the way the company can now assign projects and tasks to different employees and field managers. It has helped to streamline and organize each function and project.  

Mr. Kevin Clor mentioned, "With this Odoo solution, we gained 4X Conversion using the Cart to Quote facility and 3 times increase in ROI. Thanks to Brainvire, we were able to bring back the multi-folded in our business operations"

While the COVID-19 pandemic hit in March 2020, it threw businesses all over the world into a state of chaos and panic. TentandTable felt the effects greatly since they function primarily on a B2B model. They sell outdoor party furniture to other businesses that organize parties and events. 

Due to the social distancing norms that disallowed any gatherings of people, TentandTable was compelled to look at a strategy that would pivot the market to suit the current needs. 

Odoo provided the visibility to understand the margins and opportunities for the outdoor event furniture rental businesses and make the best of the situation. Odoo gave them insight into their inventory and allowed them to choose which products to sell on priority. 

Without Odoo, TentandTable admits it would have been impossible to recognize these changing market patterns, consumer behavior, and product demands. They would have been left fighting to keep their business afloat. 

TentandTable Gains Exponential Growth Through Digital Marketing 

While Brainvire has assisted TentandTable to organize and streamline business functions with Odoo implementations, we have also helped them in enhancing their digital presence through digital marketing strategies.

During the pandemic, when businesses across the world were struggling to maintain their online presence, our talented digital marketing team has come forward to boost businesses.

Email Marketing Campaign

TentandTable approached Brainvire to launch an effective digital marketing campaign that would maintain its brand visibility even in these uncertain times. Brainvire proposed an email marketing campaign for them. After completing domain verification in the SendGrid, the email was linked with the CRM to track incoming leads. The sender’s email was set up in SendGrid to shoot emails for different campaigns.

Once the SendGrid setup was complete, our digital experts collected the emailing list from TentandTable. Subsequently, we filtered contacts to eliminate fake email addresses and keep only genuine ones. Our digital marketing experts ensured each CTA was tracked by adding UTM links in each email template.

The solution did amazingly well during the COVID pandemic as well. They saw a huge spike and record-breaking online sales in comparison to their performance in the last few years.

Taking a trip back to memory lane, Mr. Chintan Shah, CEO of Brainvire Infotech said,  “The COVID-19 pandemic had significantly impacted businesses worldwide. Companies suffered major financial losses due to a lack of projects from their clientele. As a digital enabler, we ensured business continuity and timely delivery of projects. In such a situation, Brainvire’s experienced digital marketers have picked up the baton of boosting clients’ online visibility through digital marketing efforts.” 

The email marketing campaign was executed with over 400k contacts. The campaign was a huge success with 0% bounce rates and more than an 80% open rate. The client has increased subscriptions by 50%. Brainvire’s digital marketing solutions during the COVID-19 pandemic helped TentandTable improve its online presence even in these difficult times. TentandTable is an example that businesses can continue to thrive even in such difficult times if they are backed by the right agency and its tailored solutions.

Magento Solution For A Better Product Strategy

TentandTable approached Brainvire to launch an effective digital marketing campaign along with developing a Magento omnichannel solution including CRM, ERP, eCommerce, and SEO. They wanted to change the strategy of their products, so we proposed a modular eCommerce solution that can be adapted easily for making changes in the products as and when needed. Our eCommerce solution helped with their growth story. 

“Brainvire helped us in this COVID-19 situation as well to make sure our business keeps running. They have also provided us with all the IT support. It has marked a new achievement for our organization in being successful in such a situation as well,” said Kevin Clor, CIO of TentandTable.


There’s no gainsay in saying that the relationship Brainvire fosters with its clients is any less than a partnership. As a technological development solutions pioneer with experience of over 20 years, Brainvire understands the essence of maintaining long-term working rapport with clients to promote digitization in all sectors through practical solutions.

Our association with TentandTable has been built over many years and stands as a testimony of both our continued efforts to achieve profitability and better working conditions through technology.


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