Brainvire, an IT consultancy and digital enabler has a global presence. With its offices located in different parts of the world and increasing employee strength, it wanted a robust HRMS platform. Brainers understood the need for such a platform, and the Microsoft team left no stones unturned to work on the platform.

Project Highlights

Brainvire’s Microsoft team designed a platform that offers more features than the traditional HRMS system. As a Microsoft Gold Partner, we crafted a centralized system that allows the HR team to visualize payroll, recruitments, corporate administration, performance monitoring, and other employee-centric activities through this platform. This cutting-edge platform automated and streamlined all HR operations. The HR can add new user to the system. Employees can easily update their attendance and work details from anywhere worldwide. The platform provides real-time information to employees and HR professionals. Besides, this platform is less technologically challenged and user-friendly. Each user can review all details based on their access. Employees can submit their leave requests through the web application. They can choose the type of leave, the duration of the leave, and provide a reason for the leave. The leave approval workflow enables managers to review and approve leave requests. They can view employee leave requests, check team availability, and approve or reject leave requests. The web application has different levels of access for employees, managers, and HR managers, allowing each user to access the relevant features of the application.

The Challenges

  • Centralized System:
    The challenge was to skim through various documents and multiple systems to gather employee data.
  • Improved Data Security:
    The management wanted a robust system to protect employee details securely.
  • Data Validation:
    It was necessary for the team to accumulate appropriate employee data through the system.
  • Enhanced Scalability:
    The increasing work strength demanded a robust solution for quick data management.

Tech Stack

  • Tech stack related technology logos

    .Net core

  • Tech stack related technology logos

    Azure cloud

  • Tech stack related technology logos

    Microsoft SQL Server

  • Tech stack related technology logos

    Power BI

  • Tech stack related technology logos


  • Tech stack related technology logos

    Visual Studio


  • Data Integration

    Brainers used REST API to integrate multiple data sources with the platform seamlessly.
  • Smooth Data Transmission

    Improved data security ensured smooth data transfer within the teams and on the platform.
  • Improved Data Accuracy

    The robust data validation and verification process ensured enhanced data accuracy.
  • Better Performance

    The enhanced data management, verification, and processing capabilities accelerated team performance.
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Client Review

Patricia Walters

Patricia Walters

Founder and CEO - Creative LLC

They help us coordinate the right skill sets, teams, and activities in order to get the job done. They transferred our platform assets, such as our servers, workstations, and databases, into their managed cloud services environment.

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