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Hearing Aid eCommerce with CRM

Brainvire developed an eCommerce portal using Magento 2 Community Edition and integrated it with Auro CRM to achieve sales automation. Bi-directional APIs were developed to integrate the two platforms seamlessly. Sales representatives can track potential leads, manage quotes, analyze bounce rates and get a 360-degree view of customers’ shopping journey. Manual operations like searching for contact information or entering data was eliminated from customer-related processes. Automation was achieved across sales and marketing teams so that they can spend more time talking to prospective customers and strengthen relationships with existing ones.
Platform/OS Web
Category Education


The eCommerce solution has helped millions of people with hearing impairment to find the perfect hearing aid solution. Users can navigate the site easily and filter the products based on different parameters. On the other hand, the sales team can capture potential leads and turn them into valuable customers by using Auro CRM’s useful features. With a 360-degree view of customers, they have gained greater visibility into the upsell, cross-sell, and renewal opportunities in the customer portfolio. It has improved ROI by 25% and reduced the overall marketing costs by 20%.

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