Global Product Maker Mobile App

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Global Product Maker Mobile App
Global Product Maker Mobile App

About Project

The Global Product Makers is a quite popular platform that provides opportunities for new young innovators to shape up their product ideas into a runningbusiness. Their slogan is, “Hold in your hand what you hold in your mind.” With two offices in Hong Kong and South Jordan, they too owns manufacturing assembly line in China. They help innovative individuals and companies with various modes such as raw material arrangement, research & development, design, prototyping, and manufacturing. Satisfied with Brainvire’s website development, The Global Product Makers remembered Brainvire once again to develop its full-fledged mobile application.

What we did

An online tool which helps communication between multiple people for the development of customized products. It makes passing of documents also an easy manner and seamlesss journey.

Tech Stack

  • Android
  • CodeIgniter
  • MySQL
  • PHP




One platform for all innovators, employees, and owners to shape up new innovative idea into real product



The mobile presence of such unique product innovation platform attracted young innovators in ahuge percentage. Because of the flow of talent pool, the company could release new innovative products in the market and generated quite a good amount of revenues out of it. In order to propose and produce an innovative idea, this mobile app brings everyone including innovators, employees,and owners under one roof. Any user doesn’t have to check in new system at any stage of product development. Everything is accessible at one single mobile app anywhere anytime.

Client Testimonials

Matthew Hawks
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Global Product Makers contracts with individuals and businesses for research, development, design, prototyping, and manufacturing of products. Brainvire developed a mobile app to allow innovators to share new ideas and track entire development.
Matthew Hawks
Founder - Global Product Maker
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Brainvire Infotech provides a dedicated manager for each project and consistently delivers on-demand service that goes above and beyond. Brainvire Infotech has been accessible and available for immediate, last-minute support on numerous occasions.

Matthew Hawkes
CEO, International Organization
9 years ago

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