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About Client

Our client is a Dubai based who started a venture in 2004 to better take care of customers’ nutritional needs. The unique idea is about delivering freshly prepared healthy meals to the customers’ doorstep at cost-effective rates. Catering customers’ healthy diet and lifestyle, chefs prepare the meals that are personalized according to the customers’ needs and wants.

Business Challenges

The client’s business of nutrition and catering services was a pioneer concept, but to make the people across the globe aware about the business services through brick-and- mortar stores was quite a task.

Besides, taking and handling the customers’ order over the telephone, and managing the huge amount of data and retrieving it anytime was a hard nut to crack. This all was impacting the business performance and services provided to the customers.

For the betterment of the businesses, the client wanted to build a web portal with which client’s business presence can be enhanced, customers can easily book the order and a lot more.


Our best of minds engineered a responsive web application using which the nutritional and catering business can better help the customers to maintain their long-term healthy lifestyle and wellness goal.

Alongside easy order booking, customers can fix the appointment with dietitians to know about their health status and based on that personalized meal plans are suggested to the customers. Later, the food ordered by the customers is delivered to their doorstep.


  • Customers can view the different meal plans available
  • Meet with the dietitian in person to identify the meals best suitable for them
  • The nutritious and delicious food is delivered on demand anytime, anywhere
  • The food services are provided even on-the- go
  • For every order, reward points are provided to the customers
  • The reward points can be redeemed to renew the subscription
  • BMI calculator helps customers to check whether they are underweight, at a healthy weight, overweight or obese
  • Fantastic theme is designed to allure the audience
  • Multiple reports can be generated using SSRS


  • Catering business is able to catch more eyeballs
  • Increase in the number of customers’ orders
  • Overall sales get improved
  • Food delivery at the exact location and time enhance customers’ experience
  • Better customer support upsurge customers’ trust
  • Customers can check the health status in a few clicks
  • Personalized meals ensure the customers that their health is in safe hands

Client Saying

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Mr. Timothy Drylie
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Mr. Manjesh Singh
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Mr. Greg Pietsch
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Mr. Umesh ranglani
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Mr. Rohit Singla

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