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Web App Development

About Client

The client has wide expertise and knowledge in transfer factor supplements that he introduced into the development of a unique medicine, which supercharge the human body’s health by strengthening the immune system. He aimed to heal and benefit the thousands of people worldwide with such high quality and effective products.

Business Challenges

The client wanted to provide essential nutrients directly to the cells to increase the human’s immune system's ability to fight through his formulated medicines across the globe. To disseminate the medicines’ information and its benefits was quite a task. So, the client needed a website where the customers can be easily made aware about the medicine and make the most out of it.


Our proficient team has engineered a web application with intuitive interface where the client is enabled to showcase the products and the science behind the product formulation, and can sell the product to the people to make their body well from within. Besides our team customized the UI to better the customer experience and did some major integrations to ease the product’s purchase.


  • WooCommerce integration for effective product management
  • Customers can sign-in with Facebook credentials
  • Dynamic pricing to configure the discount based on the number of items added to the cart
  • Shipstation integration for efficient order management
  • Enable customers to pay directly via PayPal Pro
  • Allow customers to track the product with shipment tracking integration
  • USPS shipping implementation change shipping rates dynamically depending on the geography
  • Allow customers to purchase the product in single, group, or subscription based


The website built for the medicine to increase the immunity brought some challenges. Leveraging right technology, tools and framework, our best minds resolved them, and let the client sell the products seamlessly. In the cart page, dynamic pricing integration was auto-adjusting the discount based on the number of products added to the cart, but displaying the discount percentage offered was difficult to implement. Using best programming skills and creating good logics, the team was able to incorporate the same.


  • Customers can be easily informed about the medicine
  • Buying the medicine becomes a breeze
  • Facebook login helps in getting customer’s information
  • Blogs up-to- date the people about the impact of healthy food intake
  • Sales and revenue of the medicines shoot up by 20%