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About Client

Our client successfully runs a hospital and medical college to provide the best care and treatment to the patients suffering from cancer. The medical practitioners and specialists have diagnosed and provided the treatment to the millions of patients using advanced medicines, surgeries and equipment.
Alongside the professional continuously research to translate the innovation into the daily clinical application to better cater the emerging healthcare needs.

Business Challenges

In the hospital, a lot of information is generated from clinical work, back office and other generic activities. All the information management was done on the paper that was quite a task because when one starts searching the files, it will take away the good amount of time.

This way handling the emergency cases was difficult and inaccuracy in the data leads to improper treatment. Also, assigning and managing the hospital staff duty, identifying operation theatres availability, checking stocks and pretty more was difficult.

The client wanted a hospital management software that works as a centralized repository where the health information of the patients is stored as electronic medical records (EMR) and from where it can be easily managed.


The web application was developed for the impeccable management of the huge amount of the data generated from the time patient admit into the hospital to the final discharge, which includes patient clinical data, hospital billing, appointments scheduled, pharmacy inventory, laboratory reports data and blood bank data.
The complete data is segregated into different modules so the required info can be easily fetched.


  • Appointments can be easily scheduled and managed daily/weekly/monthly
  • Patients’ visit detail, prescription data and tests performed is displayed in a few clicks
  • Billing, and expense and income estimation are viable in a matter of minutes
  • Drug distribution and stock management at pharmacy outlets
  • Alerts auto-generated, when the stock is about to end or reached minimum level
  • Accurate information dissemination and management of the test performed in the laboratory
  • Operation theatres’ scheduling, surgery team management and all the surgeries can be tracked
  • Blood requisition and blood issued database, and blood bank stock management
  • Ensure the generated financial report containing expenses, income and purchases are error-free
  • The complete hospital staff database and payroll are managed
  • Enable tracking and management of the bio-medical waste generated and its disposal
  • Online scheduling, maintenance, distribution and again collection of the sterile, linen and equipment to the operation theatres
  • Maintain HIPPA compliance


The patients’ profile creation, online prescription, claim processing, HIPPA implementation, HL7 standard consideration and security implementation were the basic requirements of the application that has to be incorporated by following certain guidelines.

Our best minds studied the guidelines in-depth and implemented the features that comply with the hospitals’ guidelines.


  • Allow hospital staff to access the info in real-time
  • No physical storage and manual handling of loads of patients’ data is required
  • Identifying the rooms, bed, equipment and practitioners’ status become easy
  • No unauthorized user can have access to hospital or patients’ data
  • During an emergency, physicians can start patient’s treatment immediately by looking through the patients’ history
  • Auto management saves a lot of time and efforts