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About Client

Since 2000, the client successfully runs a digital marketing company that helps established businesses to better market the products using innovative strategies. The company is a one-stop solution for the commerce, marketing and new ventures to create a difference in the offerings with limited resources across the world.

Business Challenges

The client has observed that a lot of medicines, equipment, devices or surgical implants are sometimes get overstocked or about to expire in the hospital or surgical centers wherein they get expired because of the less utilization. It unnecessarily put an extra burden of medical expense that’s actually wastage. The client came up with the online marketplace development idea where all the healthcare entities can post and sell the products.


The medical instrument online shopping cart mobile app was developed that provides a platform to the healthcare entities where they can easily display and sell the overstocked products.


  • Hospitals, medical stores or surgical centers can display myriad of overstocked or about to expired products
  • The healthcare entities will find a network of potential buyers
  • No limit on number of buyers or sellers registration
  • End number of transactions are possible simultaneously
  • Customizable order emails can be send to the sellers
  • Allow buyers to rate, review and recommend the product
  • Catalog and order management
  • Payment gateway integration


  • Monetization of medical products is viable before their value depreciates
  • Reduce the waste and expense in healthcare system
  • Connecting the people who belongs to healthcare industry
  • Mobile app usage make the buying easier
  • A new concept was introduced in the medical market