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Web App Development
ASP.Net 4.5
MS-SQL Server 2012
MVC 5.0

About Client

Our client is a leading pharmacy point-of- sale technology solutions provider in the USA for outpatient and retail pharmacies. Also, enterprise solutions are provided complying HIPAA rules that enable pharmacy owners to centrally manage the multiple store at different locations with no hassle.

Business Challenges

In the pharmacy stores, pharmacists make some suggestions for other medicines alongside the prescribed medications as a part of Medication Therapy Management (MTM) practices to optimize the medication use for improved patient outcomes.
If the pharmacist is experienced, then he can recommend the best medications to the patients based on medication usage or can help the patients in adverse events, otherwise it’s not possible.
Realizing the problem that pharmacies are facing, the client came up with an idea of creating an automated solution integrated with Pharmacy POS system to replace the manual recommendations with auto-generated suggestions.


The web application was developed using which, when pharmacists enter the medication in the POS, automatically the suggestions for supplement medications is displayed.
This way pharmacy can easily recommend the auto-generated products to their patients based on medication usage. Also, all the pharmacies account details, medicines’ detail, recommendation details and integration types are maintained.
The client can track whether any pharmacy is trying to break the therapy management software by using different IPs to look up for medications’ supplements.


  • The intelligent system recommends the medications’ supplements based on the users’ previous medication history
  • The therapy recommendations for the medications is created and maintained
  • Reports are generated for the active pharmacy’s subscriptions and pharmacy’s activity
  • Pharmacy can use the application through API integration or web based lookup
  • Full integration directly showcases the recommendations for the medications
  • Partial integration display the recommendations in the HTML view
  • In the web based lookup, pharmacies have to manually search for the recommendations
  • Audit logs of all the users are recorded to track the manipulations done
  • Authorized pharmacists are provided the secured access to the web portal
  • End-to- end encryption is done to ensure the secure communications
  • Huge data of medications and its combination with multiple recommendations is maintained
  • Dashboard displays the pharmacy stores list and the medications for which they look up
  • Report of the medications with the highest search for recommendations can be generated
  • WCF services ensure the safe and secure data transfer


Uploading the loads of medications in bulk was a time consuming process. The client wanted to reduce the time to a few minutes, so Bulk-insert add-on with Entity Framework 6.0 is implemented to enable the medications uploading in a matter of minutes.


  • Pharmacists can easily make the recommendations over the medications
  • The risk of therapy’s adverse effects is reduced
  • Patient-centric medications are sold
  • Enhance the patients’ reliability over the pharmacy
  • Improve the medication therapy outcomes
  • Mortality and morbidity rates are reduced with right medication recommendations