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Web app development

About Client

The USA based client is a leading technology entrepreneur with having years of experience in providing consulting services, and web and app development. Besides, the client has the interest in serving humanity, charity and improving the lives with the use of innovative technologies.

Business Challenges

A few years back, the outbreak of Ebola deadly disease has scared the people. As the virus that’s transmitting the disease was spreading at high-rate and there was a high risk of death, once anyone catches the Ebola. To lessen the impact of the fear and provide the peace of mind to the USA citizens, the client came up with an app idea where the people can be easily informed if anyone in their region a case of Ebola will be registered.


A web application was developed where the alerts are sent to the people who have subscribed for the application when any case of Ebola is found registered in their region.


  • Subscribers enter the zip code and specify the proximity of the state or the region whose Ebola victims’ information they need
  • Alerts are sent to the users instantly or at the end of the day; depends on what users choose
  • The notification can be sent via email, SMS or both
  • Alerts contain the complete info as whether the case is suspected or confirmed
  • Users can unsubscribe the alert service whenever they want
  • Provides a free trial for 7 days and later users have to pay 49.99 every month


The client wanted us to build an application where the alerts are sent to the subscribers in the real-time whenever any case of the Ebola victim is suspected or found reported. Sending the messages from the gathered data in the real-time was a challenging task, which was resolved using Node.JS technology.


  • Easy way to inform the people how far Ebola is from them and their loved ones
  • Relieve the people from the stress of tracking Ebola-affected region
  • It’s handy to get up-to-date info through multiple ways
  • The cost-effective solution has given peace of mind to the people