Emergencies require quick responses and our American client is all about that. The client started out in 1946 and since then has improved the medical alert system. The client’s highly reliable alerting system connects the user to their family, friends, and neighbors with ease. This system can even notify 911 emergency services if the situation calls for it. The client’s approach to a safe and reliable lifestyle is becoming a reality through the system.

Project Highlights

Brainvire has ingenuity and innovation as its core values and every project executed brings out these values. This project required the conversion of the system into a mobile app, with the right technology and skill is was possible.

The Challenges

  • Conversion to a mobile app
    The entire system had to be scaled down to a mobile app. For better portability and convenience the conversation of the system into a mobile application was critical.
  • Optimal communication methods
    The purpose of the app was to ensure connectivity with people closest to the user during times of distress. This has to be properly conducted with accuracy and simplicity.
  • Accurate and precise tracking
    An emergency alerting system needs responders to know the users’ location. The client wanted this data to be precise and quick to track.
  • The assortment of emergency contacts
    During an emergency, it is important to know what people to contact. Any type of mishap in this can prove to be fatal for the user. The client wanted this list to be updated and organized as per priority.

Tech Stack

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  • Tech stack related technology logos



  • Increased convenience and portability

    The system can reach many more hands and help many in times of emergencies.
  • Well established communication

    The app has ample ways of communicating with contacts, ranging from SMS to phone calls.
  • Efficient tracking

    The emergency operators can better target and locate the user. This means faster response times.
  • A better contact line up

    With accurate data collection and analysis, the contact list is maintained as per user relatio
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