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Mobile App Development
XCode 7.2
Swift 2.2
Objective C

About Client

The client runs a comprehensive telemedicine solution company. For 30 years, the client has been providing best-in-class healthcare IT solutions to enable the healthcare professionals to better take care of the patient and empower the patients to efficiently manage their health across the globe.
The company connects with the clinicians to provide the telehealth kit that’s the best solution for professionals to constantly monitor and take care of the patient’s health.

Business Challenges

In telehealth kit, medical devices are provided to the patients that measure and record the health data, and based upon the data, healthcare professionals made the prescription.
With telehealth kit, there was no system in place where the data generated from the device and prescription data provided by the healthcare professionals can be stored at one place to provide the best treatment. Also, getting the patient’s health data in the real-time and connecting with the patients in case of any emergency was difficult.
Finally, the client came up with an idea of building an iOS mobile application to complement the telehealth kit where the electronic health record of all the patients and prescription made by the professionals stored at a single place, and healthcare services can be improved.


The iOS application was built for the telehealth kit users that incorporates a comprehensive range of features like Bluetooth medical device integration, secure video calling and medication management, to name a few.
Also, with the help of iOS healthkit SDK, the iOS app automatically measures and store the patient’s blood glucose, blood pressure, blood type, date of birth, biological sex, body mass index, weight, body temperature, cycling distance, dietary cholesterol, heart rate, height, oxygen saturation, respiratory rate, peak expiratory flow rate, dietary water BMI and number of steps at the same place.


  • Data from Bluetooth medical devices and mobile get auto-collected and uploaded on the server
  • Professionals can easily prescribe the medicines to the patients
  • Prescription automatically set as reminder on mobile app
  • Timely notifications for medicine as per the prescription of doctor
  • Patients can communicate with the professionals via video calls
  • Leveraged Push kit for VOIP calling
  • Professionals can view the stats and graph of the patient’s health data
  • Patient’s health data can shared among multiple doctors to efficiently manage the disease
  • App works in both online and offline mode
  • Compliance with HIPPA regulations
  • Log management
  • Socket technique is used to display whether patient and doctors are online or offline


Implementing video call feature was the challenging part of the app development because the SDK provided for video calling was in Objective C, but the whole app was developed in Swift. So, leveraging the bridging technology, the feature was implemented.
The client wanted us to enable the simultaneous execution of the four functionalities like data fetching from the iOS device, video calling, data uploading to the server and reminders to run. It was a bit difficult to make them all work at the same time, impeccably. With thread system, the team is able to overcome the challenge.


  • Healthcare professionals can easily access the patient’s health record
  • Reminders don’t let the patients to forget to take the medicine
  • Instant prescription can be provided, in case of emergency
  • Patients can take care of the well-being at their own
  • Analyzing the patient’s health status become handy