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About Client

The client is a leading provider software anti-malware software that safeguards the computers again Trojan horses. The software scans, analyze and then display the list of applications or services to the users that are harmful to the PC and may introduce a virus to the system. Presently, the robust software holds the 55% of the retail market share for security suites.

Business Challenges

The client has analyzed that a lot of junk gets stored on the computer in the form of temporary files, browsing history, cookies and more that impacts the PC performance. Just the way, the security software scans and clean the PC from the malware, the client wanted a solution that enhances the PC performance with the removal of all the unnecessary data on the PC.


The software is developed that aims to clean the PC safely and quickly to optimize the performance of the computer. The software scans, analyze and then remove all the unnecessary files such as WordPad files, media player, MS office documents, sound events and MUI cache, and malware from the PC.


  • Automatically scan the PC and provide a list of items that should be eliminated
  • Users can choose which data to keep and which to remove
  • Hide the chat and browsing history from other PC users
  • All the information is stored at one place
  • Provide the necessary information hassle-free


The team has faced major challenges in the collection of Windows scanner disk scan rules, scanner signature and Windows scanner registry database, and in providing the support for multiple Windows service packs, which are addressed by manually checking and testing the software on various Windows computers.


  • Protect the digital privacy by scanning and eliminating all the malware
  • No time gets wasted in searching the history for any files
  • Get rid of the unessential data that unveil the users’ information
  • Notable difference in the speed at which computer performs
  • Accessing the information becomes easier
  • It’s handy to fix the damaged files

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