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Talking About 5 Reasons To Choose AWS For Your Next Dream Project, Most corporate giants have already migrated to cloud computing from the traditional platform(s). Sounds strange, isn’t it?

Well, the reason behind the switch is – the businesses want everything in a single package. By ‘everything’ I mean – decrease in capital expense, flexibility, productivity, fast & efficient hardware, and a strong security system.

Talking About 5 Reasons To Choose AWS For Your Next Dream Project

Already there are several cloud service platforms that are present in the market but among them, I will prefer to use AWS – Amazon Web Services for the devops. The industry is already adopting popular cloud services to streamline their business but still, if you are skeptical to take advantage of the Amazon cloud service, then check out these 5 reasons to get your answer. 

  • Reasonable Price
  • High-Performance & speed
  • Flexibility & Scalability
  • Cloud Security
  • Convenient & Easy To Use

 Talking About 5 Reasons To Choose AWS For Your Next Dream Project

Source: statista (Quarterly revenue of Amazon Web Services from 1st quarter 2014 to 3rd quarter 2018 (in million U.S. dollars)

Without wasting any time, let’s try to find out through these 5 points if AWS is good enough as a cloud service.

Reasonable Price

If you are a tech person then you might have already heard that AWS is a flexible cloud computing platform. Now let me ask you, did you know that Amazon offers pay-as-you-go pricing service for over 120 amazing cloud services? Yes, you heard it right! Depending on your individual need you will pay only for those services that you have used.

Moreover, once you stop using those services, you don’t have to pay or bear any additional cost, penalty fee or termination fee for the same. Suppose you are using a service for 8 hours, then be it for 5 users or 500 users, you will pay only the amount decided for 8 hours!

Remember, if your upfront payment is a lump sum, then get ready to enjoy a good discount. Also, AWS provides volume-based discounts.

To make this pricing process more simple, Amazon has introduced TCO calculator and Monthly calculator where you can estimate your monthly bill depending on the usage of your Amazon’s cloud services.

So, you will decide the services you want and the storage space that you think is best for your business.


One of the reasons why cloud computing service is popular among developers and industry people is its speed. If I start lauding AWS’s speed, then probably you will not believe me! So let me give you an example where I and my team tested the speed of AWS Lambda to be sure of its performance.

My team wanted to go with Node.js but I thought to test AWS before choosing any other alternatives. So, we divided the API call logs in smaller segments to plug those into the Node.js script created by developers. Then we uploaded it to AWS Lambda, invoked the function multiple times and recorded the response time along with the request times.

We were able to test the apps faster and improve the website’s performance with the new features and the cost of running the AWS applications was really less as compared to any other alternatives. So we saved cost while achieved a higher performance than expected and that was an achievement.

Flexibility & Scalability

When it comes to flexibility, AWS has made sure that this feature must be one of the main reasons to choose AWS over other cloud computing services. I can tell you the answer to your ‘Why’!

AWS allows users to choose programming languages, database, OS and other services to use in its virtual environment. You can load the required software and applications on cloud and use accordingly.

If you are working on a migration project then,

  • Get rid of the headache of ‘Physical Computing Infrastructure
  • Get storage as per your demand
  • Access the server as long as you want
  • Pay-as-you-go pricing structure

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Talking About 5 Reasons To Choose AWS For Your Next Dream Project, I hope you got it now that the flexibility of AWS will help you to focus on your work only and it will take care of the other functionalities. Is not that great?

Oh, wait! I missed mentioning the scalability factor. As a project leader or business person, you can scale up or scale down anytime easily to meet your business needs.

Flexibility along with scalability – AWS provides you both for your business.

Cloud Security

AWS is already a familiar name to these big names – Kellogg’s, Vodafone, Expedia, Airbnb, Netflix, Nasa, Yelp and the list goes on. These clients preferred AWS not just for its reliability, scalability, and flexibility but also for its security feature!

The AWS infrastructure is powered by high-end cloud security. So, in terms of security, what are benefits that you can expect from AWS?

  • AWS is strong enough to protect your customer’s privacy through AWS data centers.
  • AWS manages multiple compliance programs.
  • You can get high-end security at lower cost.
  • AWS keeps your data safe irrespective of the size of your business.

Now let us summarize those above-mentioned facts. With AWS you can:

  • Increase privacy
  • Save your business from DDoS attacks
  • Provide an additional layer of security to your sensitive data with its encryption feature
  • Set permission, manage authentication and improve end-user experience
  • AWS gives you full control to monitor logs and look around the AWS environment with the help of AWS CloudTrail, Amazon ClouWatch tools.

If you want a world-class security for your small, mid-sized business, then go ahead with AWS to get an extensive security support to keep your business safe from any potential vulnerabilities and suspicious activities.

In fact, you can check Amazon VPN if you want to work in a private network. This feature works in a very much similar way like an open source VPN.

Convenient & Easy to use

With AWS, you can communicate more effectively with anyone. In business meetings, if you want to share only a certain portion then you can do that by hiding the other part on the cloud. Well, AWS offers you that authority over your data.

Talking About 5 Reasons To Choose AWS For Your Next Dream Project

Talking About 5 Reasons To Choose AWS For Your Next Dream Project, AWS allows the vendors to host their application in a quick & secure way. If you are not so sure about hosting your web application, have a look at AWS Tutorial to learn the basics of Amazon S3 and EC2 (Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud). Then there are tutorials, white papers and use cases to teach you how to host a static website, control AWS cost, deploy your new bug-free code on a virtual machine, batch upload of your file and lot more are there.


1000+ customers are using AWS for data security & privacy, flexibility, cost and its infrastructure. No commitment or negotiation and pay as you go along with its security & customization feature made AWS a global leader among all other cloud computing service providers.

When you plan to choose a cloud computing service for your business, it can be confusing sometimes. In that case, my team can help you out as we already have developed and deployed many projects using AWS. My team will definitely assist you in choosing the best AWS service that will suit your business as strategy & experience matters! Click here to know more or drop a mail at info@brainvire.com if you want to share something.

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