7 Reasons Illustrating Why Businesses are Leaning Towards DNN 8.0

In the age of technology, web presence is must. Simultaneously, the content, function and process management of the website is also equally important. All this cannot be imagined without an effective content management system (CMS).

Puzzled about what is CMS? The CMS is a tool that enables creation and modification of website content through a common user interface. The complete content, be it blogs, image galleries, directory listing, or event calendar can be managed through CMS without any hitch.

There are many notable CMS like- Joomla, Drupal, WordPress and DNN that facilitate the content creation at ease. Nowadays, after releasing the upgraded version DNN 8.0, the DNN platform has become the popular choice of businesses and has created a distinctive proposition in the market.

7 Reasons Illustrating Why Businesses are Leaning Towards DNN 8.0

DNN features and functionalities make it most beneficial solution for the businesses. So don’t you want to know, what are the impressive advantages the DNN app development offers that’s compelling the businesses to embrace it? Here’s the answer:

1) Scalable:

Stepping in with changing technology, websites also need to grow with time. Very few CMS allow websites to scale, but the same does not apply to DNN. DNN allow number of pages to be added to the website and enable businesses to expand. New features can be easily added to the websites without needing to switch to another CMS.

2) Mobile Responsive:

Presently, going mobile is the key to extend the reach to wider audience and maximum businesses are stepping ahead to make the existing application mobile compatible. DNN also has mobile API that enable mobile friendly website design and development. Such responsive design work impeccably over every digital device.

3) Bespoke:

Managing and maintaining the CMS pages using DNN is extremely easy. The user don’t require to be technically sound to use the admin panel. The web page can be easily created, modified and maintained. Furthermore, altering texts, images or the layout can be done by the users with a little training, which in turn is cost savvy.

4) Multiple portals:

The one DNN installation showers many advantages. Just once DNN installed by the users, it allow them to use multiple DNN portals. This way businesses can build up various websites and manage all of them from a single dashboard. It simplifies the purpose of CMS.

5) Text editor:

The DNN scalability enable businesses to add new pages effortlessly. And, when it comes to update or add new content in the web pages, again DNN rocks without needing the web managers to code. The modification in image and content is a few taps away.

6) Modules and extension:

DNN is an open source platform that’s backed by over 8000 modules and core apps, which are available to users online at no cost. Either to add new feature or customize the existing one as DNN Mobile Application Development Services, the DNN modules and extensions will help you out, catering all the website needs.

7) Highly secured:

DNN websites provide different level of access to different users. The content is protected against malicious software and the rights to modify the content reserved with administrator only.

DNN is a perfect fit for technical and non-technical minds that allows multiple users to securely manage and control the website content. This is what every business expects before trying hands at any CMS. If you also want to reap all such benefits, embark on game-changing DNN CMS development journey.