5 Ways to Enhance Your WordPress Website’s Organic Rankings!

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  • Published On October 11, 2018

  • Updated On June 10, 2024

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Whatever might be your goal – informing or entertaining readers, promoting work, selling product or services, etc., as a business owner, you would want maximum eyes checking out your websites. The math behind it is simple – the more the visitors, the more is the probability of customer-conversion from that audience. As they say, “Well begun is half done”, knowing which techniques or strategies will drive maximum traffic to your website without requiring you to spend much time is a sure-shot method of winning customers among the targeted audience.

Now, why is SEO (Search Engine Optimization) one of the most effective techniques for boosting your SERP rankings and increasing visibility?

Making the WordPress site SEO-friendly means you are making it easily accessible and optimizing it for conversions. The main reason behind making sites more SEO customized is-

  • To target a relevant audience
  • Retain them to read your content
  • Evoking the desired action after they read the content.

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Having a site built on WordPress indeed offers many benefits including its SEO plugins, but in this post, we will discuss some of the additional techniques that can enhance SEO on your WordPress Website for better results.

So, let’s see what forms a good SEO strategy –

Using SEO Dedicated Plugins

Optimize Tags

Organize the Permalinks

Build Keyword Rich Content

Create a Sitemap

  • Using SEO Dedicated Plugins

Plugins are small add-on software that can be installed to add new features and functionalities to your website. These plugins even help in creating a sitemap which is a list of pages and other content on your website. You can use Yoast’s WordPress SEO plugin which takes care of certain functionalities comprising-

  • Page analysis
  • Technical SEO
  • Meta and link elements
  • RSS optimization
  • Sitemaps
  • Social integration

Yoast also helps make certain things easy to be done such as controlling titles and meta descriptions, setting your targeted keywords and tracking the frequency of their usage, and much more.

  • Optimize the Tags

Meta tags are small pieces of texts which are used to describe a page’s content and are written in between the page’s code. So tags and meta tags are short content descriptors that are used by search engines to know what the page of your website is all about. To make the WordPress site more SEO oriented, enrich your meta tag, title tags, and alt tags with SEO keywords.


  • Title tags

Title tags represent the title of your web page and are displayed on SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) as a clickable link. It is very crucial to write them precisely to enhance usability, SEO and social sharing. Normally, the title tags should contain no more than 70 characters inclusive of the keywords branding your business.

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For example“Know the Ways to Enhance SEO on Your WordPress Website” is 54 characters long title and it also contains the main idea of what the content is about with SEO keywords incorporated in it.

  • Header Tags

Although header tags are not a vital element for search engines, they are for you. The content on the web page looks more appealing when it is hierarchically and semantically correct, and provide visual benefit. Also, the header tags act as a highlight and help people to remember the main points of your content.

  • Meta Description

Meta description leaves a good first impression in the mind of readers as they give the essence of what your content is about and what are you trying to sell. This description should be near around 150 characters and include the title and relevant content.

  • Organize the Permalinks

Permalinks are permanent URLs to the individual pages, blog posts, categories, and tag archives of your website. It’s nothing but a web address used to link the content and as the name suggests these should not be changed. Why this link is important? It’s apt to keep permanence in the links so that either you or other people can provide a link of your content in emails, stories or anywhere they want to. For example, if a web blogger wants to link to your content, they can point to your permalinks or the content can be shared on social media by sharing the permalink of that content.

  • Build Keyword-rich Content

Keywords are the shortest form of descriptors that define what your content is all about. Building content around keywords helps you get found easily amongst the ocean of similar content types. For example, digital marketing agency suggest you to choose “digital marketing techniques” as a keyword for a blog post that shares some of the best techniques for digital marketing for rookies. This is an LSI keyword which is used directly as a search keyword by the maximum audience. You can use keywords in titles, headers and in another part of your content to crawl up in search engine rankings thereby increasing the chances of showcasing your content to the most relevant audience.

It is said that “An excess of anything is bad”; similarly keyword stuffing in excess makes it appear unnatural and spammy and depreciates your search ranking.

  • Create a ‘Sitemap’

A sitemap is a list of all the category pages and other content on your website which is structured into a hierarchy. It allows visitors to have a quick glance at how your site is laid out and what does it include. These sitemaps help a user to navigate through the website and apart from this it is used to communicate information to search engine bots.

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XML sitemaps are important to be created as they make it easier for Google to search your site’s pages for ranking. Having a sitemap proves beneficial when the pages on your website are created dynamically, or your site is not well organized or your website contains a few external links. Although having a sitemap doesn’t directly boost your SEO rankings, it still acts as a valuable SEO tool.

Let us tell you how!

Sitemap attracts the visitor’s attention by letting them understand the connectivity between the pages. This, in turn, makes it easy for the search engines to index your website and present significant content in front of the users.

Moving a Step Forward

Boosting your WordPress website’s organic rankings by making it more SEO friendly requires much more than the basic technical stuff. Optimizing a website with quality developers or hire wordpress developer which helps to improve search engine ranking but also to provide audiences with valuable content.

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