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What’s New in DotNetNuke 8.0 That’s Making it Perfect for CMS Development?

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DotNetNuke- the popular web content management system platform is based on Microsoft .Net. The open source software is highly used to build and manage the interactive websites and intranet effortlessly. To use DNN, one is not need to be technically sound and just the familiarity with ASP.NET would work.

DNN is loaded with many add-on modules despite DNN community edition is free. The most important feature that brought most fame to the platform is customization. The custom modules of DNN are easy to create, develop and install. If users stuck somewhere, then documentation and online communities are there to help them.

DotNetNuke 8.0 That’s Making it Perfect for CMS Development-

In DNN, the content modification is also a breeze. Developers are not redirected to new pages when they change the content as content editor window get open when the page editing is on. The users can view the live changes they are making in content. The benefits led leading companies like- Unilever, Weightwatchers, Canon and more to leverage this CMS platform.

The most mature and stable platform DNN boasts to have over 8 million downloads across the globe.

After its initial release, the DNN has updated many times to make it easy to use and powerful version. Recently, DNN 8.0. is launched that’s packed with advanced framework, support Active Directory and SharePoint Lists, and integrate with enterprise applications hassle-free.

Moreover, DNN Platform 8.0. resolved a few security issues like- potential open-redirect and XSS issue on the query string parameter that’s returnurl, potential XSS issue enable when SSL client redirect, potential XSS issue on user’s profile and potential CSRF issue on WebAPI POST requests.

Take a look at what are the updates DNN 8.0. upgrade brought for the developers and designers:

– Third party extensions or changes to the platform is possible without needing to release a new version because via SqlDataProvider, cleanup files, and configuration merge files, the new upgrade support is enabled.

– Non-webforms-based modules can be created as now single page application (SPA) and MVC modules support DNN 8.0.

– Web API 2.0. is used in the DNN latest release.

– Support for JWT authentication is added that enable WebAPI services exposure for consumption outside of the framework.

– Versioning support is provided to the Default.css due to which CSS is reduced that themes override.

After looking through DNN 8.0. Features, you might be thinking to start DotNetNuke 8.0. Development being an excellent amalgamation of Content management System (CMS) and Web application development framework. Also, the adaptable architecture of DNN make it a top choice of the developers.

Outside, there is a lot of noise in the market in regards to DotNetNuke development and many companies are pretending themselves as a best DNN app development provider and DNN hosting provider. Before, you outsource your project to any of such DNN app developer, there are few things you should consider such as DotNetNuke installation convenience, Windows server reliability, performance and security, and affordability.

This is where our DNN development team excels in and we have all the needed infrastructure set up that ensures your business growth with highly scalable DotNetNuke solution.

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