Chirag Jogi

Delivery Head

12+ Years As a Certified Odoo Consultant and Managing a team of 200+ Brainers

About Chirag Jogi

My name is Chirag. I am a skilled B. Tech engineer and hold relevant experience in this industry. To speak about my journey at Brainvire, I have built the Odoo ERP team from scratch.

Brainvire gave me a platform to test and develop my skills, from creating my team to managing client communication. Today, I can train employees into Odoo consultants, carry out strategic planning and handle all touchpoints involved in delivering an optimal Odoo solution to clients. I can proudly say that we have grown into a team of 200+ experts and 150+ successful Odoo implementations globally.

AmiViz- a very dear client of ours, wanted a collaborative reseller Odoo solution for suppliers and vendors within a tough deadline. Our expertise and exceptional implementation skills led to a grand launch.

I believe in imparting knowledge and hence enrolled in the Odoo community to share my experience. Analyzing different technologies is one of my hobbies, and that’s how I came across Python technology. I also enjoy traveling and spending time in nature.

That’s me!

To catch up on Odoo ERP or its impact on your business, connect with me!

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