Big Data Analytics Helps To Increase Profit And Customer Satisfaction: All The Time

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Big Data Analytics Helps To Increase Profit And Customer Satisfaction: All The Time

Talking About Big Data Analytics Helps To Increase Profit And Customer Satisfaction: All The Time, Customers are very important to any business and no entrepreneurs take a risk to oversight even a single customer. If you are in an e-commerce, then you might know the importance of making them happy and giving online shoppers a full satisfaction.

When it comes to customers, we always try to meet their needs and understand their way of shopping, or over all behavior. At the same time, to attract more customers we spend a large amount of money in marketing. This helps to understand how customers shop, which helps to track their way of shopping, and that is all that matters. But, as the time is passing and as the technology is developing in every field Like ionic development, one should focus on better options to understand their customers and how to target them. Here, there are many ways to go with, but an eCommerce store needs perfect data to meet their customers.

As we have come to data, let’s go in deep and understand the concept of how collecting a big data can help to increase customers. There are many factors that say, you should gather as much as data and invest money in collecting Big data.

This discussion is one of the top trending topics in today’s world and at the same time, big companies, or multinational companies are pushing hard to gather responsive and big data from multiple resources. In this case, why shouldn’t focus on the same for your online store?

Seventy-five percent of US banking transactions in 2012 came from digital channels, according to CEB Tower Group, and the percentage is growing. Now, is the time to invest your money in E-commerce Development.

Big Data Analytics Helps To Increase Profit And Customer Satisfaction: All The Time

Figure1. Big Data Analytics Industry Value. Source: Measuring the

Business Impacts of the Effective Data University of Texas, Austin, USA


What is Big Data, and how it helps you?

Talking About Big Data Analytics Helps To Increase Profit And Customer Satisfaction: All The Time, if you are wondering, what is all this about, then let me say this to you; the big data are gathering information, or large data sets that are completely analyzed and data is arranged systematically to understand the patterns, trends, and associations, especially, human behavior and interactions.

This data is collected by your needs, and the basics that you need to understand customers are: –

- age;

– gender;

– ethnicity;

– family and marital status;

– employment status;

– income level;

– social media activity;

– website activities;

– geographic location;

– lifestyle;

– interests;

– who influences purchasing decisions;

– personal goals;

– how they respond emotionally to events;

– past behaviors;

– why they interact with your company;

– what they want from your company;

– where they look for product information;

– what they demand;

– when they will look for forwarding to buy;

content consumption habits;

Your expense of collecting data can turn into an investment because here, you are getting data that will help you sell products directly to customers.

What are the top Benefits of e-commerce?

Less Marketing Cost

Once, you have the data you can directly get in contact with customers, these customers are trusted and reliable.

Online Shoppers’ Satisfaction

If you sell the right product to the right person at the right time and the right price, they will be happy with services and you are giving them full satisfaction. And this will help to gain more reputation and attracts more customers. This simply improves customers experience.

More profit

You will be able to get in touch with 100% genuine customers. By this, you will be able to get real time profit in your e-commerce.


In your online business, you will always be able to produce goods which you can sell completely. No stock will be left over and you will always know how much to produce.

How does it work?

Improving E-commerce Strategy

Once you have the data, you can plan everything according to their needs.It becomes very flexible for them. Here, you just have to make a strategy for people who are targeting and that is all.

Best planning

You can plan ideas and sell products to an individual or group of people that will fetch a 100% response to your offers.

Covering lose ends

There are always problems when we miss the customers or when we can’t meet their needs. The big data will help you to keep all the records and at the end of the day, you will know why you lose the customers and within no time, you will be able to target them.

Make the right offers for the right customers

With the help of data sets, you can spend most of your time in preparing offers that your potential customers will like. This will create a more appealing offer.

These are the benefits and you can see that it is directly impacting your e-commerce with enormous profit. This data is reliable and trusted, so you can invest your money for your website.

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