Bootstrap – An Awesome Platform for Mobile App UI Development

Bootstrap - An Awesome Platform for Mobile App UI Development

Talking About Bootstrap – An Awesome Platform for Mobile App UI Development, Apps power today’s smart phones and are the most important aspects of any latest mobile phone available in the market. Hence, it for this reason that day-by-day increasing mobiles and mobile phone users has eventually led to an increase in mobile app development as well. One of the important things to consider in mobile application development is the development of user interface because after all it’s the UI which users view and use to interact with the application. There are number of platforms or frameworks that support this task of UI development for mobile apps. But however, Bootstrap is the name which is considered to quite popular among the mobile app developers today.

This article focuses on Bootstrap and its awesome features that take mobile app UI development to the next level.

Let us first of all understand what actually bootstrap is. Bootstrap is a front-end framework which enables easy and rapid user interface development of mobile and web applications. Earlier before Bootstrap existed, developers were using different sorts of libraries for interface development which led to inconsistencies in the process. As a rescue factor for this, Bootstrap framework was developed by Mark Otto and Jacob Thornton to improve consistency across the internal interface development tools. Being developed at Twitter, the front-end framework is sometimes called as Twitter Blueprint or Twitter Bootstrap as well.

Bootstrap has several magnificent features that support efficient UI development and they are as follows.

  • Give Uniform and Modern Look with Stylesheets:

Talking About Bootstrap – An Awesome Platform for Mobile App UI Development, Bootstrap provides LESS stylesheets including various components which a developer can select for using in UI development. LESS files are good for those who are in the habit of CSS preprocessing but even for those who are not comfortable with LESS can even go for normal CSS files as well, because bootstrap also provides a set of CSS stylesheets using which a developer can define the basic style for all the HTML elements. Hence, it’s easy to give a uniform and modern look to user interface of a mobile app using Bootstrap.

  • Easy to Use:

One can easily use the stylesheets provided by Bootstrap to style up their app interface. Just download the stylesheet files from Bootstrap’s website, unzip and include them in head of HTML files. That’s it. Now you are ready to access the Bootstrap framework for easy and efficient UI development.

  • Flexibility for Using Classes and Functions:

Bootstrap has predefined classes, several JavaScript functions and various CSS components that make UI development much easier. But a developer will have the complete freedom to select only those classes or functions that are required for his purpose.

  • Responsive Grid System:

Bootstrap provides a 12 column, responsive grid system that automatically adjusts to the screen resolution of the device of the user. Hence, developing a responsive user interface for your mobile app can be really easy by implementing bootstrap in the UI development process.

  • Useful Components for Better UI Design:

Bootstrap has got several useful components to provide for a user interface designer like it includes drop down menus, navigation bar component, menu, badges, lists, progress bar and much more. Hence, considerable amount of development time is reduced with these ready-made components which are not required to develop from scratch with Bootstrap. All you are required to do is to only include the right classes of the components as required.

  • Javascript Plug-ins and Libraries for Use:

Bootstrap supports several javascript plug-ins to make UI development a much easier and better approach for a developer. There are several most commonly used classes included in javascript libraries of Bootstrap. One can implement these classes for rapid UI development. These include the tabs, pop overs, tooltips etc.

Talking About Bootstrap – An Awesome Platform for Mobile App UI Development, Hence, with so many handsome features to offer there lies no doubt in the fact that Bootstrap has become the favorite platform for UI development for most of the mobile app developers.