Brainvire At The Imagine Ecommerce Conference 2014 – Day 3 Highlights


Day 3 at the Imagine Ecommerce Conference at Las Vegas saw the best of a very eventful three day conference. Attendees waited eagerly with mixed feelings of satisfaction and a subtle note of that sweet-bitter feeling that comes when something good must end. Well, the final day of the conference was very eventful – here are the highlights:

Morning Keynote By PayPal President David Marcus :

PayPal’s President David Marcus opened the day with his perspective on how PayPal will adopt means to focus on innovation in how customers pay, PayPal’s commitment to Open Source and how the powerful network of PayPal along with the power of Braintree will drive a significant change in the way customer’s demands are met. The main points he focused on were the world is amidst a huge transformation and is ready to absorb changes. “We will see more change in the next five to ten years than we have seen over the last 50 years,” said Marcus.

He also said that along with Braintree, they will help drive a significant change in which user’s demands for a one touch checkout experiences are met. Merchants will definitely benefit from this. He also highlighted PayPal’s Beacon which can send a two way communication back and forth from a consumer’s mobile device without the need for either the merchant or consumer to be connected to wi-fi. This technology with greatly ease in store payments making them better than credit card payments.

The morning keynote also included a message from the first female F-14 Tomcat Fighter Pilot in the U.S. Navy – Carey Lohrenz. She spoke about the challenges that businesses face every day, and its only fear that holds someone back. Overcoming fears is the only way to truly deliver extraordinary results.

Brainvire At The Imagine Ecommerce Conference 2014 - Day 3 Highlights

Next Keynotes for New Innovations in eCommerce

Jamie Clarke spoke on how some of the businesses are bringing about innovation using Magento solutions. Food and beverage segments and even recycling companies are working wonders using Magento web development solutions.

Michael Dirt then spoke on “The New Rules of Retail” in which he explains that customers are now in charge of retail – fulfilling their demands and expectations is what will be the future of retail success. Traditional retail will move towards a more evolved and virtual reality will become the future technology.

Break-out Sessions full of more advice and food for thought

“Tackling Multi-Channel Complexity on Magento”, “B2B Commerce in B2B World” and “Magento + Retail Order Management” were some of the topics covered in the breakout sessions hosted by noon. The sessions included advice on how retailers should invest in cross channel technology or lag in time and lose valuable customers. Retailers must ensure that consumers get quick, stable and optimized services along with using consumer data smartly to fulfill their current and future demands.

The session also focused on how B2B businesses must adopt new ways to drive sales and leverage from new channels to maximize sales and customer reach.

eBay Enterprise’s Wilson Hughes and Bob Meixner presented how Magento and eBay Enterprise have put together a highly flexible, open source front end of Magento’s Enterprise Edition, and eBay’s Enterprise modular Omni channel ERP solution suite, along with a retail optimized order management platform to meet the needs of retailers.

Concluding the afternoon with Awards Session

Jamie Clark announced the winners of the “Magento Site of the Year Award” and concluded the afternoon session.

Closing of a spectacular annual Magento event

Magento COO Roy Rubin presented the closing note for the Magento Imagine Ecommerce Conference 2014. He said that Magento is stronger than ever and such events will bring the Magento community, Magento partners and developers closer and will definitely foster great working and business relationships amongst all ecommerce and Magento contributors and users.

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