Open Source Development Tools

The open source software is often free to download and use. The Open Source Development Services has become so popular that projects both small and large are built using open source technologies for home or business purpose. Why spend thousands of rupees on software as there are plenty of open source development tools and platforms available in the market.

Open Source Development Services

Gaining a full advantage from Open Source Development consumes lesser time as compared to writing a full code for the entire set of features in the application. Customization can be easily used in various aspect of the development phase with host of useful features suitable for almost all entities involved in online and offline business. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the open source ecommerce development platforms which are widely popular and highly used for developing the ecommerce solutions.

Magento Community Edition

The Magento Community Edition is available for free download under the open source OSL 3.0 license. It is highly recommended by the expert Magento developers in non-mission critical environments. As this edition is not supported it is intended to be used by those who enjoys to spend time and resources solving issues independently.

Elastic Path

Elastic Path is a robust Java enterprise platform built using the best open source technologies and adheres to many industry standards. It follows SOA approach, provides full access to the source code and works well with variety of application servers and databases. In addition to this, it can be extended to develop out-of-the-box custom features without losing the ability to upgrade and easily integrate with the third-party applications or systems. With the help of open source technologies, enterprises can easily find developers, decrease the development time and keep down the development cost as well.


Liquid is a Ruby Library for rendering safe templates which cannot affect the security of the server they are rendered on. Shopify allows customers the complete freedom while maintaining the integrity of the server. Liquid is quite popular since 2006 and is widely used by many other hosted web applications. It was developed for usage in Ruby on Rails web applications and integrates seamlessly as a plug-in and works excellently well as a standalone library.

To conclude, open source development services is becoming more mainstream in the global market as it offers numerous benefits such as security, quality, customizability, flexibility, interoperability, auditability and support options with advantage of making customized changes. The businesses should necessarily use open source development technologies and required tools for developing open source development projects to achieve their business goals and objectives efficiently and effectively. What’s your stand on this? Leave your views in the comment box below…!