Brainvire At The Magento Imagine Ecommerce Conference – Day 2 Highlights

Day 2 at the Imagine eCommerce Conference saw an eager crowd waiting to see what will be unveiled. The attendees poured in and seats were filled faster than you could imagine! The stage was all set with 3D projected directly onto the stage creating an immersive experience. The mood was set just right and conducive to the beginning of great knowledge sharing, experiences sharing and internetworking in the field of magento ecommerce development.

Brainvire At The Magento Imagine Ecommerce Conference - Day 2 Highlights

Brainvire At The Magento Imagine Ecommerce Conference - Day 2 Highlights Brainvire At The Magento Imagine Ecommerce Conference - Day 2 Highlights

Grand Day Opening With Keynotes from Roy Rubin And Mark Lavelle

Magento’s COO and Co Founder Roy Rubin opened the day’s sessions with his views and insights on how Magento will contribute technologically towards the future of ecommerce. He explained that the world is in the middle of a great transformation and technology is what will play a major role in this transformation. We need to be moving towards a better tomorrow with Magento web development.

Mark Lavelle, SVP of Product and Strategy for eBay Enterprise, announced the release of Magento Community Edition v1.9 and Enterprise Edition v.1.14. and also gave his insights on responsive themes and Magento 2 release.

The morning session was concluded with a session from Jaimie Clarke who said that true transformation could be achieved only by being at the right place at the right time and “be willing to engage by jumping into the fray to mix things up.” As quoted by him.

Breakout Sessions with a difference

The morning session also included a number of breakout sessions that were conducted by eBay Director of Client Services Noel Hedgecock and many others that included cutting edge and trending topics like “Navigating Channel Conflict”. The topics covered were evolution, conflicts and alignment of channels that complement each other.

Q&A sessions were conducted that covered all crucial Magento ecommerce development questions with answers from experts on topics like ecommerce pricing strategies and the new trends and priorities for the future.

Afternoon sessions kicked off with enthusiasm

Magento’s head of Worldwide sales gave a breaking start to the afternoon session with an intriguing topic for discussion “Innovative Approaches to Engaging Customers & Sustaining Success” along with other few notable speakers. The topics covered a wide area of discussion like personalization, customization, seasonality, freshness of product, and new and emerging ecommerce technologies.

Late evening saw more knowledge transfer from eBay Enterprise’s Managing Director, International, Micheal Kliger on topics like “Charting a Course to Global eCommerce Expansion”. With very many such ground breaking technology sessions, the afternoon concluded.

An Evening with Malcolm Gladwell

The legendary Malcolm Gladwell was the featured keynote speaker at the Imagine ecommerce Conference this year! He took the final session of the day – a perfect way to unwind all the excitement and enthusiasm that was built during the very eventful second day at the conference at Las Vegas.

That was another successfully concluded day at the Imagine eCommerce Conference at Las Vegas and attendees are already excited and waiting for day 3 with high hopes and the same enthusiasm!