How Elastic Stack Is Beneficial To The Enterprises?

How Elastic Stack Is Beneficial To The Enterprises

Talking About How Elastic Stack Is Beneficial To The Enterprises? No matter the type of business you are running, the generation of huge amount of the data is usual. Whether the data is raw or organized, but they are the goldmine for the companies whose potential when untapped, it becomes a great treasure.

As the competition progresses with blockchain services, All that the enterprises have to do is organize, analyze and visualize the insights from the data in the real-time. But, enterprises find it difficult to get the in-depth value of the increasing data as the business scale.

Here elastic stack, the open source product that’s formerly known as ELK Stack would help by searching the raw or organized data from any source, analyzation of the unified data and then the valuable results are driven out of the data using a myriad of the components.

Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana, and beats are the components that mainly used to make sense out of the enterprise data. Besides, the elastic cloud, watcher, shield, marvel, graph, and reporting are the add-ons that extend the functionality of the Elastic stack.

The learning curve of the Elastic stack is easy and it can be deployed on the premises or SaaS. The elastic Stack is advantageous to the enterprises in various aspects. What are they?

Take a glance at the opportunities, which elastic stack provides that are if used optimally, they can give wings to the enterprises. They are:

1) Search millions of data in a matter of milliseconds with Elastic search

Elastic search that’s indexed as JSON document is API driven where all the actions performed including real-time search and data analysis using a simple RESTful API over HTTP. With Elastic search, the billions of data can be searched at the speed of light.

It allows the enterprises to start with a small and later they can scale horizontally as the data grows by adding more nodes and allow clusters to make use of extra hardware.

For instance, the New York Times, the leading publication has used the tool to search the 15 million of the articles published in 160 years of the journey at hand.

2) Processing the data like no other with Logstash

Talking About How Elastic Stack Is Beneficial To The Enterprises? Logstash gathers all types of the data, enrich them and then transfer the data for analyzation purpose. It works as a centralized repository for the data processing with 200 plugins and counting that can be connected with any type of source and stream the scaling data to the analytics system.

The segregated data that’s stored in different systems in various format can be parsed and converted into a single format. Furthermore, the applications write the logs that have a custom format and logstash enable parsing of the logs with custom logic swiftly and conveniently.

3) Deliver excellence with more visibility via Kibana

Kibana is a great analytics and visualization platform that help enterprises to explore and see the hidden value out of the data in the real-time.

Using the Elasticsearch analytics capabilities, the platform provides powerful services in analyzing the data intelligently by performing the mathematical operations over the data.

To help enterprises better comprehend the data, the analytics are shown in the form of bar charts, pie charts, histograms, line, maps and scatter plots.

Also, Kibana’s intuitive UI allows easy generation, sharing, exporting and embedding of the analytics, which helps in taking the smart decisions with improved communication.


Talking About How Elastic Stack Is Beneficial To The Enterprises? The success stories of Elastic stack includes the fortune 500 companies that brags a lot about the platform. The platform has had helped the organizations to explore, track, and analyze the data alongside keeping it most secured even when the data is scaling.
Deploy the elastic stack and leverage its components to skyrocket your business productivity by making the value out of the data as your business grows.