How To Improve CTR Using Rich Snippets?

Are you aware of what some of the biggest concerns are in SEO? Among a lot of things to worry about, one major stress point is how CTR can be improved? A solution to this is offered by the correct use of rich snippets. Snippets are basically structured data markups visible as part of your site listings, in google search results.


Before highlighting the use of rich snippets let’s take a quick glance at the points discussed in this piece.

What are Rich Snippets?

Importance of the Rich Snippets

Where can rich snippets be used?

Now let’s get started on our way to get a sound understanding of the above-mentioned points as to what they are. Its importance, correct way of using rich snippets to improve the CTR and much more.

What are Rich Snippets?

The rich snippets are used to inform viewers about what your page is all about. This, in turn, helps your site visitors in taking an informed decision about whether they want to click on your webpage or not. The rich snippets help in providing some additional useful information about your page to the users. Page results get better with rich snippets usage in comparison to the lack of them.


Importance of the Rich Snippets

Search engine snippets are the most valued ones in your SEO. It is required to enhance them to get more click-through-rates and better SEO traffic. You might be aware of the fact that Google uses CTR as a ranking factor. Some methods that can be used to improve CTR are:

  • Identify content with low CTR, specifically the pages with high positioning and low CTR. If the positioning of the page is high but CTR is low, then that’s an indication that your snippets are not getting clicked. By improving your snippets, you can easily get the results in the form of more traffic.
  • The mistake of using snippets that aren’t relevant to the website or page it is on, is quite common. By simply avoiding this, you increase your CTR.
  • Sometimes it’s a good idea to have a variety of snippets. By testing the different variants you can conclude what drives more traffic and is more effective for your site.
  • Use of rich snippets is not mandatory but search engines, users, and site operators, all benefit from its use. Users can determine relevancy, the search engine is able to return more relevant details and with reduced bounce-rate and increase in CTR, the site-operator also benefits.

Where can rich snippets be used?

Rich snippets or structured data can be used for a wide range of the content types, ranging from

Reviews, people, products, businesses and organizations, recipes, events, music to video content.

  • Useful for both individual and aggregate reviews.
  • Google shows richer information about some well-known people.
  • Most importantly it is used for products and special offers from merchants and particular online stores.
  • Business properties with logos, addresses, and telephone numbers.
  • Rich snippets for recipes offer a multitude of properties. You can include the type of dish, cooking time, nutritional info related to fat content, serving size, cooking time and much more.
  • In music sites available on google search links to preview of songs or links to purchase individual tracks can be used.
  • Embedded videos on your website to indicate duration, license, video content is family friendly, all these information can be used.

Google first analyzes and assesses your markup for 10 to 14 days and then starts showing the richer results. If all is found to be suitable, then after 5 days these will disappear. After a few days, some will reappear and this process goes on. After 8 weeks semi-permanent rich snippets will be all across your website.

If you’re yet to consider using rich snippets, now you know the practical reasons to do so. The impact rich snippets can have on CTR and how their use is immensely favorable for your web pages ultimately gives you the insight about using rich snippets and will improve CTR by making your web pages more user-centric, easy to understand and precisely informative. A more informed user will tend to make a more informed decision on whether they want to view further or stay on the web page. This will help you in getting the most useful and relevant visits.