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IIOT (Industrial Internet of Things) is not unknown word for tech people but the momentum taken by it in the year 2017 is something unimaginable. Coined by German Electrics (GE) in 2012, IIOT has fetched the attention of web app development giants in 2017. GE has some revealing prediction regarding the impact of IIOT on diverse industry sectors. Let’s look at some major predictions:

• IIT (Industrial Internet) can impact energy production by 100%.
• Global energy consumption can be benefited from IIT around 44%.
• 46% global economy can be uplift by implementing IIT.

Industrial Internet has come with enormous benefits of integrating analytical tools, big data, and Wi-Fi networks with heavy industrial equipment and distributed systems.

A thinner line resides between IOT and IIOT when it comes to web app development!

The question would surely arise in mind that whether IOT and IIOT are same! Let’s understand this by a simple example. An IOT web application installed at your home notices sudden rise and fall of temperature and notifies you wherever you are. Now, IIOT is something which is a broader sense of IOT. Imagine a furnace being used for manufacturing high-quality steel. The sudden rise and fall of its temperature make a hell lot of impact on the manufacturing process. In such cases, IIOT web application not only notifies the authorities but starts taking preventive and enhancement actions, too.

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Let’s have a clear idea about the difference between IOT and IIOT:

• IOT draws the attention of user events and situations whereas IIOT monitors, notifies, and controls the devices from a remote distance.

• IOT is more about Machine to Consumer (M2C) whereas IIOT is all about Machine to Machine (M2M) Communication.

• IIOT gathers the data to be used for management purpose. Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) can analyze data and plan the critical measures for Q&A systems.

• IOT revolves around consumer convenience whereas IIOT is mostly towards automation, quality control, and monitoring industrial equipment.

Areas uncovered by IIOT

Since IIOT is equipped with Smart Sensors, AR & VR, Big Data, Cloud, Machine Learning, the future generation industrial web development has kept eyes on IIOT driven apps. McKinsey has also predicted that by 2025 IOT will have an impact of $6.2 trillion in the economy. The economic cost involved with industries such as manufacturing, health care, and mining would significantly decrease and productivity can increase up to $36 trillion by 2025.

IIOT revolution is welcomed and backed by world’s imperative bodies such as –

1. Japan’s Value Chain Initiative Forum
2. Energy & Crude Oil
3. Narendra Modi’s Make In India
4. Make in China 2025
5. Industry 4.0
6. FDI policies

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Let’s look at the major industries benefited by IIOT:


Manufacturing is the top most area benefiting from IOT since many years. The term smart manufacturing is about keeping all systems connected to each other such as product design, development, plant operations, supply chain, and business management in one single line. Nowadays, all equipment comes with smart sensors, so the job is easy to carry out IOT based web application in order to streamline the whole business.

Oil and Energy sector

Going straight to the example. Smart meters record the usage and timings of the fuel. The firms send the pricing details to meters and meters interact with other equipment to consume the energy efficiently. One more example – Fitted with sensors, fuel pipelines would interact with systems regarding the fault such as gas leakage and alert message for instant repairs.

Lot of disasters and dysfunctioning can be prevented and productivity of the systems can be improved drastically once IIOT has been kept a part of the system.

Transportation and Logistics

Connected cars are the biggest known example of IOT in the transportation industry. For logistics, the use of RFID (Radio Frequency Identification), barcode scanners, and mobile devices has a significant role in supply chain operations. The efficient IIOT driven web app development takes care of all the integrations with machines, smoothens the workflow and also, provides important insights to govern the future plans to increase productivity.

At last,
The industrial internet has already penetrated in diversified industrial sectors by providing vast connectivity, visibility, and scalability benefits. The custom IOT solution based app delivers a significant productivity boost to any business. Enroll IOT in your business and be the first in a race.

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