Is iOS for sales and Android for greater market reach?2 min read


Purchase behavior on Androids and iOS lead to one conclusion. If you are looking at selling a product – iPhone development is for you. If you are looking at a wider reach for your marketing efforts, Android is the way to go! Businesses need to appropriately allocate resources for mobile application development, considering all these facts in mind. The purchase and usage behavior of consumers on each of the devices enables businesses to decide what marketing strategy to use each device for. Study shows that iOS users are more likely to buy, and Android users are just too many. They easily outnumber the iOS users.

Is iOS for sales and Android for greater market reach?

Androids Give Businesses A Good Reach for Marketing

Is iOS for sales and Android for greater market reach?

If your marketing strategy includes a lot of advertising, you just cannot ignore the power of Android App Development Services. Android users easily outnumber the Apple device users. You can count on Androids to give your business a greater reach and market penetration in an effective way. However, androids are not a “buyers” platform. Even though it accounts for a larger share of subscriptions than iPhones, Android users simply don’t buy as much as iOS users do.

Androids offer an unprecedented opportunity for advertising – Google has made it flexible and appealing for this task. The OS comes at no cost and any OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) can use Android on their customized devices. Apple on the other hand has just their hardware to host iOS. There’s where the reach reduces.

iOS is Where Customers Buy

Is iOS for sales and Android for greater market reach?

Ecommerce businesses already feel the power of iOS as a mobile platform for selling a product. Varied industries such as retail, fashion and more have seen the revenues rise due to mobile sales that mostly come from iPhones or iPads. In contrast to this, Androids help in monetization with apps.

iOS accounts for $9.91 per transaction in proximity payments. Well, iOS has a demographic that just loves buying online and Android on the other hand has constantly growing number of users and subscribers.

Is iOS for sales and Android for greater market reach?

Summing it up…

What you choose for your mobile strategy depends on your business requirements. If your business sales are mostly offline and you wish to just get the word out to a maximum audience, an android oriented strategy would probably be the right choice. This means you can make your business ubiquitous with Android Application Development or mobile sites or ads or landing pages. Well, do not rule out iOS altogether – the with more than 500 million devices, you cannot ignore it.

If online sales are your target, iOS would be a better choice for your business. iOS offers greater opportunities for product sales and is already a popular platform for ecommerce businesses. Contact Brainvire a leading iPhone application development company to hire iPad app developers.

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